Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Queen… and The Princess (Janet + Nora take the crowns)

The Queen… 
 and The Princess

James:  Now, I do appreciate that hard work and discipline will take you far in life.  But hard work is also for suckers!  That’s what I learned once I took up drag, and I realized that I made a very sexy woman.  Suddenly, I found that men would do anything I wanted, just to get a smile from me.  They wanted to possess me, and my curvy womanly body.  Men are so easy to manipulate when you are their object of desire; right, baby?

Nate: Right Mom!  And after seeing you, my father, so much damn happier as a beauty queen, well, I asked to become the queen’s “princess.”  And you taught me how to walk, talk, and act like a lady – and a how to control a man with a wink or a giggle.  Now we both are wearing tiaras for winning these regional M2F beauty contests, and we have bonded over being pretty.  Now, I know you said you would allow me to “go all the way” with my boyfriend when I turn 18, but Mom, I can hear you and your man from my bedroom, and it’s driving me crazy!

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