Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Such Good Role Models (and Melinda is thankful!)

Such Good Role Models
Michael Chen III never wanted to admit to his family that he didn’t feel comfortable as a boy – but had he been honest with his father, Mike Jr. and his grand-father Mike Sr., he would have found that he was just feeling something they had both felt as young men.  Confronting him, they promised him a day with two girl “coaches” – but leaving the surprise that they would take on those responsibilities – fully femme!

Today, the young and pretty T-girl Melinda is very happy – she’s doing better in school, has more
friends, and a pretty hunky boyfriend.  But she knows that  “mother” Madeline and “granny” Marilyn did all of this to make her happy – so she owes them a lot!

“Pleased to meet you gentlemen,” Melinda giggled  to her guy George and his dad and grandfather.  “Allow me to introduce my Mom and my Nana toyou both.  Yes, I got my good looks from them!”

Madeline and Marilyn looked at their dates for the night,  shyly smiled, and then kissed their “project” on the cheek as a way to say, “Thank you, Melinda!”

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