Thursday, June 6, 2013

Smile, Sweetheart! (They're happy to be Katie and Rita)

Smile, Sweetheart!
Keith:  (whispering)  Dad!  Here they come.  Are you sure they won’t recognize us?  We’ve been coming to Crystal Lake for vacation for over 10 years – as father and son!  Don’t you think that Dave and his dad are going to be a little suspicious about who we are?

Roger: (whispering)  Sweetheart, just look at us!  Do we look the least bit like guys?  First, I’ve been dressing in drag longer than you have been born.  And now that you are old enough, I’ve shared with you all my secrets.  We’re tucked in very well in those silky panties.  Our makeup is perfect.  I have taught you how to speak in a soft girly voice.  And those pills we’ve been taking since May have even given us both some nice curves.  We look like sisters, but to Jay and Dave, we’re mother and daughter, and we’re going to go out with them tonight.  How exciting!  Just keep smiling, sweetheart!

Katie:  I'm smiling, Mom.  But what if they want to… you know…
Rita:  Well, that’s up to you, Katie.   I do have a confession to make.  Jay has known about me and my second identity for a few years.  He dared me to go on a date with him and…  well, let me be honest – we fell for each other.  I love being his woman.  And we’re going to start living together.  We both think that you and Dave would be perfect for each other.  They’ll take of our needs – all of them!

Katie:  Mom, how did you know I've always wanted my best friend?

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