Sunday, June 23, 2013

SHOW n (can’t)TELL (Gloria and Megan's favorite game)

SHOW n (can’t)TELL
Glen: See, honey, you aren’t the only one who had their genetalia changed by that magic pill. We now have fully functional female bodies – and we’re pretty sexy huh?

Mike: I know, and now we’re going out with these other hot bitches to the club to find some guys to fuck us in these new pussies.  I can’t wait ti be a real slut!  Are you ready Dad ?  

Gloria: Hey, call me Mom – I’m a horny cougar you know!  Now we just need some sexy low cut tops!

Megan:  Aww shit – I’d rather let the guys see our new tits up close, Mom!

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Jodie Hyde said...

Wow Nana, Great cap. Those magic pils sure live up to the name.