Saturday, June 8, 2013

Shock Value (Regina and Penelope "queen it up")


Rich McMahon had a strange sense of humor, and was always embarrassing his more uptight son, Phil.  Rich also enjoyed  avant-garde theatre and cult films, like HAIRSPRAY and ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW.   

This fueled his interest in drag, and he decided he wanted to try on a wig and tights for fun.  Somehow REGINA convinced Phil to also give it a whirl.  Her son felt like a fool, in the flimsy skirt, heels, and blonde wig.  

 Drink this, Regina said as she shoved a flask of funky smelling liquor to Phil, who felt like he needed a shot.   Phil felt dizzy, and looked down in shock and disbelief as he grew a nice pair of tits  like magic.  

 Better call me Mom from here on out, and now, you are my daughter PENELOPE, laughed Regina who had found this elixir in a curio shop near the theatre.   

The trashy T-girls let their new hormones run wild as they took home two studs to fuck them silly!       

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