Sunday, June 30, 2013

Overtime at the Garden Party (but's a labor of love for this family!)

Overtime at the  Garden Party
“I still don’t know, Dad. This feels strange,” whispered Jon Mendez to his father, Ray. 

 “Why?  We look so hot,” cooed Jon’s younger brother Brad, “and you have to remember to call her Mom.  You’re now her daughter and my big sister.” 

 “Honey, just breathe,” Ray said he put his arms on the backs of his “boys.”   

 Why were these guys made up as lovely ladies in summer dresses with leg defining heels?  Because in order to make some extra money, Ray’s boss Jack asked Ray to pose as Rebecca, Jack’s fiance.  And for double the bonus, he asked the teens to dress and act as Juliet and Brianna, Rebecca’s cute daughters.    

The makeovers were challenging for all but Rebecca enjoyed “teaching” her girls how to apply makeup, pick out pretty clothes and appliances,  and walk talk and act like ladies.  After a while, the trio acted very naturally as cheerful and flirty females.

“You all did a great job,” Jack Powers said after the party to his faux wife.

 “Yes, our girls we’re quite the hit.  In fact, I saw both of them find a cute guy and take in in the house, and I’m guessing that they are taking their disguises to the next level and seducing those studs.  So, tell me, DARLING, is there any incentive for you and I going upstairs and you having your way with me?” Rebecca grinned. 

Jack did give Rebecca a rather large bonus – just as Colin and Jeff gave Juliet and Brianna. Mom and daughters were promoted to full time T-girls!

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