Sunday, June 9, 2013

New Memories To Be Had (Tom re-remembers his family life)

New Memories To Be Had

Tom Constantine and Bradley Brown were frat brothers who stayed close after college.  Even after both married, had kids, and subsequently divorced.  Custody of the kids (Tom and his son Aaron; Bradley and his twosome Patrick and Eric) was taken the same two weeks as they made a “blended family” at the beach timeshare they co-owned; originally it had been the property of Bradley and his wife, and Tom pitched in to buy it out of the split property.  

This year, Tom was worried that he wasn’t getting any younger and wanting to find a new lover.  Hanging with his buddy was a little – lackluster; they tried to have fun together, but Brad’s boys seemed to be cliquish and often left Aaron out of the games they played. Awkward…

One night in the condo, Tom had a peculiar dream.  In it, the Brown boys were girls.  Bradley was now Belinda, a stunning blond who was apparently Tom’s girlfriend.  Pat and Eric were Paige and Eva, Belinda’s cute daughters.  And Aaron and the rest of the world seemed oblivious to the change.  The new little girls seemed happier than they were as boys, and Aaron really doted on his new “sisters” and “mom.” But what about Tom’s former fraternity bro?

As Tom awoke from his dream, he realized he was in the condo’s master bed – and not alone.  Belinda was cuddled up  to him – as naked as he was.    She  looked at him  and happily sighed.
“I’m so happy you asked me to marry you last night, my love.  I can’t wait to tell everyone, especially our children!”

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