Sunday, June 2, 2013

MOTB Tales: My Secret Weapon (Who is Hanna, and can she be cloned?)

MOTB Tales: My Secret Weapon
My wedding day was here!  Six years after casting aside my male “identity” as Tommy, I was ready to be Mrs. Tara Rivers, wife of the next CEO of Intellispace.  I really wanted my family, especially my brothers Geoff and Sean, and my dad Joe with me that day, but their bigotry and bullheadedness were getting in the way.  I needed to call in my bridal secret weapon – Hanna!

Hanna worked her wonders on my big tough brothers, and voila, they did a 180 degree turnaround.  They even agreed to be my darling bridesmaids – Gwen and Sally!  I loved having sisters instead of brothers, and we all bonded in ways we never could as guys.  Especially when it came to checking out the hunks in the tuxedos.  They both found groomsmen that they flirted with!

Now, my Dad put up more resistance, but that Hanna, she’s a very persuasive gal.  The same magic kicked in, and now I had a gorgeous mother of the bride.

  “Mommy, isn’t Grandma Jeanne pretty, just like you and my aunties?”  giggled my daughter Hanna.  How did this little girl get to be so powerful at changing lives?  

 I’m not sure, but since Hanna was originally Henry, a little boy that my high school sweetheart left to me after she died in a car wreck, there must be some influence from her birth mom Stephanie that has not only turned a sad boy into a princess, it’s brought joy to a family of males, now wonderful women.  That includes my single mom, who really fills out her MOTB gown in a very sexy way.  

 My darling daughter, your Grandma is a very pretty lady – and one day you will be a beautiful bride as well!


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