Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mommy’s Pride & Joy (Laura & Chelsea, being girls together)

Mommy’s Pride & Joy
“I’m so proud of you Chelsea.”

“How come Mommy?”

“Because you stop up to those who only wanted to make fun of you for wanting to be a girl.”

“Just like you did, Mommy, when you told everyone that you wanted to be a girl.”

Aww, well, sweetie, when I was still a little boy named Lex, I knew I wanted to be a girl, but I was scared and I didn’t think anyone would love me.  In fact, I thought everyone would hate me.  I felt so alone.  That’s why I stayed a boy all those years.”

“But inside, you were really a beautiful girl named Laura.  But I am kind of glad you were my daddy first.  Then you met my first mommy, who I never knew because she went to heaven before I was born.  Then you decided to be my mommy, and that’s why I knew that I could stop being a boy named Christopher and be who I really am!”

“My darling, you are so smart, and wise, and also, you’re such a cutie.  Let me give you another 100 kisses!”

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