Saturday, June 15, 2013

Madame Jae's: The Resort (Welcome to the best vacation ever!)


“Lewis family, party of three,” the blonde babe  in the blue dress asked the maitre’d.  

 “By tomorrow night, we should all have some dates, we’ll need a table for six.” cooed the young hottie in a sparking frock.   

“Freudian slip, sweetheart?  Did you mean table for six or  table for sex,” giggled the ultra-smoking cougar in body-hugging red fabric that belied her real age.

For the next month lawyer George Lewis, his son and junior partner David, and David’s son headed for Harvard, Adam, are vacationing at the all-new Madame Jae’s Resort , where they’ve traded in their “briefs” for panties, and two piece suits for two piece bikinis.  The complimentary champagne in their suite was laced with the famed Jae Juice, and after 24  hours and a very
pleasant round of the world famous MJ spa  and salon, the trio slipped in  their evening
wear.  The Juice, as usual, was magic.  

 Donna winked at her new daughter Alyssa, and her new mother Glynnis.  She had spotted a cadre of men of various ages – all looked ruggedly handsome and kind.  Things were starting off on the right foot.


Jodie Hyde said...

Very nice story Nana.

And I should be me a trip to Maddam Jae's;)

Annabelle Raven said...

Thanks Kitten, I would enjoy a vacation!

Jodie Hyde said...

I really need one myself.

Nana and Kitten would have loads of fun together.