Saturday, June 29, 2013

Live Well… Love Much… Laugh Often (Jacqui + Trish's credo)

Live Well… 
Love Much
 Laugh Often

When Jackson and Peter Knight were diagnosed as having been infected by the femme-virus, they thought their lives were over.  And most fathers and sons would not have been able to cope with the changes their bodies underwent as a result. 

But they decided early on that life was worth living, together as a family.  And they have loved becoming mother and daughter as a result.  They really have a lot of fun when they shop and primp, and they can’t stop having a good time. 

Here Jacqueline and Patricia are laughing about how great their new lovers are in bed!  Quite a change for two former macho dudes!  I think Jacqui and Trish have adapted to being sexy women quite well!

Wouldn’t you agree?

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