Saturday, June 15, 2013

Lea’s Personal Cheer Team (Sis - and Nieces - Boom Bah!)

Lea’s Personal Cheer Team
Luke Caldwell was nervous about seeing his family at homecoming.  Most people he loved had rejected him when he choose to live his life as the girl inside him – the pretty and perky Lea.  She had always wanted to be a cheerleader in college, like her big sister, who was the only one who truly understood why she like she did…

“Yeah, Aunt Lea!  Go team!,” yelled Staci and Emma Caldwell as Lea’s nieces embraced her, along with their gorgeous mom Hilary, Lea’s role model and mentor.  Hilary knew what Lea was going through; six years ago Harry Caldwell also listened to his voices.  After school Hilary went back into the closet, but after a bad divorce and seeing the signs in his sons, Sean and Eric, she what she needed to do.   

Now she was a big sister again, and a happy mom. Now all the Caldwell sisters needed was each other – and of course, kind, handsome boyfriends!

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