Sunday, June 30, 2013

Overtime at the Garden Party (but's a labor of love for this family!)

Overtime at the  Garden Party
“I still don’t know, Dad. This feels strange,” whispered Jon Mendez to his father, Ray. 

 “Why?  We look so hot,” cooed Jon’s younger brother Brad, “and you have to remember to call her Mom.  You’re now her daughter and my big sister.” 

 “Honey, just breathe,” Ray said he put his arms on the backs of his “boys.”   

 Why were these guys made up as lovely ladies in summer dresses with leg defining heels?  Because in order to make some extra money, Ray’s boss Jack asked Ray to pose as Rebecca, Jack’s fiance.  And for double the bonus, he asked the teens to dress and act as Juliet and Brianna, Rebecca’s cute daughters.    

The makeovers were challenging for all but Rebecca enjoyed “teaching” her girls how to apply makeup, pick out pretty clothes and appliances,  and walk talk and act like ladies.  After a while, the trio acted very naturally as cheerful and flirty females.

“You all did a great job,” Jack Powers said after the party to his faux wife.

 “Yes, our girls we’re quite the hit.  In fact, I saw both of them find a cute guy and take in in the house, and I’m guessing that they are taking their disguises to the next level and seducing those studs.  So, tell me, DARLING, is there any incentive for you and I going upstairs and you having your way with me?” Rebecca grinned. 

Jack did give Rebecca a rather large bonus – just as Colin and Jeff gave Juliet and Brianna. Mom and daughters were promoted to full time T-girls!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Live Well… Love Much… Laugh Often (Jacqui + Trish's credo)

Live Well… 
Love Much
 Laugh Often

When Jackson and Peter Knight were diagnosed as having been infected by the femme-virus, they thought their lives were over.  And most fathers and sons would not have been able to cope with the changes their bodies underwent as a result. 

But they decided early on that life was worth living, together as a family.  And they have loved becoming mother and daughter as a result.  They really have a lot of fun when they shop and primp, and they can’t stop having a good time. 

Here Jacqueline and Patricia are laughing about how great their new lovers are in bed!  Quite a change for two former macho dudes!  I think Jacqui and Trish have adapted to being sexy women quite well!

Wouldn’t you agree?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

SHOW n (can’t)TELL (Gloria and Megan's favorite game)

SHOW n (can’t)TELL
Glen: See, honey, you aren’t the only one who had their genetalia changed by that magic pill. We now have fully functional female bodies – and we’re pretty sexy huh?

Mike: I know, and now we’re going out with these other hot bitches to the club to find some guys to fuck us in these new pussies.  I can’t wait ti be a real slut!  Are you ready Dad ?  

Gloria: Hey, call me Mom – I’m a horny cougar you know!  Now we just need some sexy low cut tops!

Megan:  Aww shit – I’d rather let the guys see our new tits up close, Mom!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mommy’s Pride & Joy (Laura & Chelsea, being girls together)

Mommy’s Pride & Joy
“I’m so proud of you Chelsea.”

“How come Mommy?”

“Because you stop up to those who only wanted to make fun of you for wanting to be a girl.”

“Just like you did, Mommy, when you told everyone that you wanted to be a girl.”

Aww, well, sweetie, when I was still a little boy named Lex, I knew I wanted to be a girl, but I was scared and I didn’t think anyone would love me.  In fact, I thought everyone would hate me.  I felt so alone.  That’s why I stayed a boy all those years.”

“But inside, you were really a beautiful girl named Laura.  But I am kind of glad you were my daddy first.  Then you met my first mommy, who I never knew because she went to heaven before I was born.  Then you decided to be my mommy, and that’s why I knew that I could stop being a boy named Christopher and be who I really am!”

“My darling, you are so smart, and wise, and also, you’re such a cutie.  Let me give you another 100 kisses!”

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Winning Team (These girls can thank - LeBron James?)

The Winning Team
Blog Entry for July 4, 2013
Since they were young, my dad and his brother were always so competitive.  They bet on every sporting event, always dared the other to do something stupid.  Well, my cousin and I were getting a little tired of their antics, so we placed a little wager on the winner of the NBA Finals.  Our team won – and we had an unexpected payoff…
I have to give them credit; they spared no expense in making themselves – and us – over as two hot sisters, vacationing on the beach with their daughters.  These hunks we’re posing for have no idea what secret lies underneath these cute bikinis.  Shannon and I knew we’d make cute girls, but Mom and Auntie are pretty damm hot as well.

Can you say quadruple date?  I bet it will happen tonight! :)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Queen… and The Princess (Janet + Nora take the crowns)

The Queen… 
 and The Princess

James:  Now, I do appreciate that hard work and discipline will take you far in life.  But hard work is also for suckers!  That’s what I learned once I took up drag, and I realized that I made a very sexy woman.  Suddenly, I found that men would do anything I wanted, just to get a smile from me.  They wanted to possess me, and my curvy womanly body.  Men are so easy to manipulate when you are their object of desire; right, baby?

Nate: Right Mom!  And after seeing you, my father, so much damn happier as a beauty queen, well, I asked to become the queen’s “princess.”  And you taught me how to walk, talk, and act like a lady – and a how to control a man with a wink or a giggle.  Now we both are wearing tiaras for winning these regional M2F beauty contests, and we have bonded over being pretty.  Now, I know you said you would allow me to “go all the way” with my boyfriend when I turn 18, but Mom, I can hear you and your man from my bedroom, and it’s driving me crazy!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Madame Jae's: The Resort (Welcome to the best vacation ever!)


“Lewis family, party of three,” the blonde babe  in the blue dress asked the maitre’d.  

 “By tomorrow night, we should all have some dates, we’ll need a table for six.” cooed the young hottie in a sparking frock.   

“Freudian slip, sweetheart?  Did you mean table for six or  table for sex,” giggled the ultra-smoking cougar in body-hugging red fabric that belied her real age.

For the next month lawyer George Lewis, his son and junior partner David, and David’s son headed for Harvard, Adam, are vacationing at the all-new Madame Jae’s Resort , where they’ve traded in their “briefs” for panties, and two piece suits for two piece bikinis.  The complimentary champagne in their suite was laced with the famed Jae Juice, and after 24  hours and a very
pleasant round of the world famous MJ spa  and salon, the trio slipped in  their evening
wear.  The Juice, as usual, was magic.  

 Donna winked at her new daughter Alyssa, and her new mother Glynnis.  She had spotted a cadre of men of various ages – all looked ruggedly handsome and kind.  Things were starting off on the right foot.

Lea’s Personal Cheer Team (Sis - and Nieces - Boom Bah!)

Lea’s Personal Cheer Team
Luke Caldwell was nervous about seeing his family at homecoming.  Most people he loved had rejected him when he choose to live his life as the girl inside him – the pretty and perky Lea.  She had always wanted to be a cheerleader in college, like her big sister, who was the only one who truly understood why she like she did…

“Yeah, Aunt Lea!  Go team!,” yelled Staci and Emma Caldwell as Lea’s nieces embraced her, along with their gorgeous mom Hilary, Lea’s role model and mentor.  Hilary knew what Lea was going through; six years ago Harry Caldwell also listened to his voices.  After school Hilary went back into the closet, but after a bad divorce and seeing the signs in his sons, Sean and Eric, she what she needed to do.   

Now she was a big sister again, and a happy mom. Now all the Caldwell sisters needed was each other – and of course, kind, handsome boyfriends!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Such Good Role Models (and Melinda is thankful!)

Such Good Role Models
Michael Chen III never wanted to admit to his family that he didn’t feel comfortable as a boy – but had he been honest with his father, Mike Jr. and his grand-father Mike Sr., he would have found that he was just feeling something they had both felt as young men.  Confronting him, they promised him a day with two girl “coaches” – but leaving the surprise that they would take on those responsibilities – fully femme!

Today, the young and pretty T-girl Melinda is very happy – she’s doing better in school, has more
friends, and a pretty hunky boyfriend.  But she knows that  “mother” Madeline and “granny” Marilyn did all of this to make her happy – so she owes them a lot!

“Pleased to meet you gentlemen,” Melinda giggled  to her guy George and his dad and grandfather.  “Allow me to introduce my Mom and my Nana toyou both.  Yes, I got my good looks from them!”

Madeline and Marilyn looked at their dates for the night,  shyly smiled, and then kissed their “project” on the cheek as a way to say, “Thank you, Melinda!”

Sunday, June 9, 2013

New Memories To Be Had (Tom re-remembers his family life)

New Memories To Be Had

Tom Constantine and Bradley Brown were frat brothers who stayed close after college.  Even after both married, had kids, and subsequently divorced.  Custody of the kids (Tom and his son Aaron; Bradley and his twosome Patrick and Eric) was taken the same two weeks as they made a “blended family” at the beach timeshare they co-owned; originally it had been the property of Bradley and his wife, and Tom pitched in to buy it out of the split property.  

This year, Tom was worried that he wasn’t getting any younger and wanting to find a new lover.  Hanging with his buddy was a little – lackluster; they tried to have fun together, but Brad’s boys seemed to be cliquish and often left Aaron out of the games they played. Awkward…

One night in the condo, Tom had a peculiar dream.  In it, the Brown boys were girls.  Bradley was now Belinda, a stunning blond who was apparently Tom’s girlfriend.  Pat and Eric were Paige and Eva, Belinda’s cute daughters.  And Aaron and the rest of the world seemed oblivious to the change.  The new little girls seemed happier than they were as boys, and Aaron really doted on his new “sisters” and “mom.” But what about Tom’s former fraternity bro?

As Tom awoke from his dream, he realized he was in the condo’s master bed – and not alone.  Belinda was cuddled up  to him – as naked as he was.    She  looked at him  and happily sighed.
“I’m so happy you asked me to marry you last night, my love.  I can’t wait to tell everyone, especially our children!”

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Shock Value (Regina and Penelope "queen it up")


Rich McMahon had a strange sense of humor, and was always embarrassing his more uptight son, Phil.  Rich also enjoyed  avant-garde theatre and cult films, like HAIRSPRAY and ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW.   

This fueled his interest in drag, and he decided he wanted to try on a wig and tights for fun.  Somehow REGINA convinced Phil to also give it a whirl.  Her son felt like a fool, in the flimsy skirt, heels, and blonde wig.  

 Drink this, Regina said as she shoved a flask of funky smelling liquor to Phil, who felt like he needed a shot.   Phil felt dizzy, and looked down in shock and disbelief as he grew a nice pair of tits  like magic.  

 Better call me Mom from here on out, and now, you are my daughter PENELOPE, laughed Regina who had found this elixir in a curio shop near the theatre.   

The trashy T-girls let their new hormones run wild as they took home two studs to fuck them silly!       

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Smile, Sweetheart! (They're happy to be Katie and Rita)

Smile, Sweetheart!
Keith:  (whispering)  Dad!  Here they come.  Are you sure they won’t recognize us?  We’ve been coming to Crystal Lake for vacation for over 10 years – as father and son!  Don’t you think that Dave and his dad are going to be a little suspicious about who we are?

Roger: (whispering)  Sweetheart, just look at us!  Do we look the least bit like guys?  First, I’ve been dressing in drag longer than you have been born.  And now that you are old enough, I’ve shared with you all my secrets.  We’re tucked in very well in those silky panties.  Our makeup is perfect.  I have taught you how to speak in a soft girly voice.  And those pills we’ve been taking since May have even given us both some nice curves.  We look like sisters, but to Jay and Dave, we’re mother and daughter, and we’re going to go out with them tonight.  How exciting!  Just keep smiling, sweetheart!

Katie:  I'm smiling, Mom.  But what if they want to… you know…
Rita:  Well, that’s up to you, Katie.   I do have a confession to make.  Jay has known about me and my second identity for a few years.  He dared me to go on a date with him and…  well, let me be honest – we fell for each other.  I love being his woman.  And we’re going to start living together.  We both think that you and Dave would be perfect for each other.  They’ll take of our needs – all of them!

Katie:  Mom, how did you know I've always wanted my best friend?

Sunday, June 2, 2013

MOTB Tales: My Secret Weapon (Who is Hanna, and can she be cloned?)

MOTB Tales: My Secret Weapon
My wedding day was here!  Six years after casting aside my male “identity” as Tommy, I was ready to be Mrs. Tara Rivers, wife of the next CEO of Intellispace.  I really wanted my family, especially my brothers Geoff and Sean, and my dad Joe with me that day, but their bigotry and bullheadedness were getting in the way.  I needed to call in my bridal secret weapon – Hanna!

Hanna worked her wonders on my big tough brothers, and voila, they did a 180 degree turnaround.  They even agreed to be my darling bridesmaids – Gwen and Sally!  I loved having sisters instead of brothers, and we all bonded in ways we never could as guys.  Especially when it came to checking out the hunks in the tuxedos.  They both found groomsmen that they flirted with!

Now, my Dad put up more resistance, but that Hanna, she’s a very persuasive gal.  The same magic kicked in, and now I had a gorgeous mother of the bride.

  “Mommy, isn’t Grandma Jeanne pretty, just like you and my aunties?”  giggled my daughter Hanna.  How did this little girl get to be so powerful at changing lives?  

 I’m not sure, but since Hanna was originally Henry, a little boy that my high school sweetheart left to me after she died in a car wreck, there must be some influence from her birth mom Stephanie that has not only turned a sad boy into a princess, it’s brought joy to a family of males, now wonderful women.  That includes my single mom, who really fills out her MOTB gown in a very sexy way.  

 My darling daughter, your Grandma is a very pretty lady – and one day you will be a beautiful bride as well!