Saturday, May 18, 2013

Two Cups of Joe (and Joe gets to sip Rose & Denise's "cups")

“Good morning, Joseph!  Sorry to ruin your slumber, dear.  Are you wondering who we are?  Well, we are your neighbors, Ralph Taylor and my son, Derrick.  Only she’s now my DAUGHTER, Denise, and I’m now her MOTHER, but you can call me Rose.  Yes, we seem to have been transformed into girls.  How?  Well, I know you work at the biotech lab, and you do a lot a work from your basement lab, and I think some of your work must have spilled into the water table that our houses sit over.  The same water table that we tap for our water supply.  And Denise and I have always brewed our own tea.  I guess you rarely drink anything but Red Bull and beer, Joseph?  Must be why you’re still a man.  Lucky for us.  You see, along with both of us growing big boobs, having soft skin, and pretty blonde hair, we are so damm horny – and that’s why we brought you to our house while you slept.”

“And you’re in my room now, and Mom and I aren’t leaving you alone until we have had our way with you.  And maybe if you’re really sweet, maybe we’ll brew you a cup of tea.  And then you can turn into a shemale slut like the two of us!  Now, how about some sugar, Joe?”

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