Saturday, May 11, 2013

St Maarten in May (4 sisters and a daughter - what could be better?)

St Maarten in May
Ever since they were teens, the Jepsen brothers went “fishing” in the Carribbean every May.  Only – they were the bait!   

The magic wine they sipped always transformed the four normal guys into four hot blondes, eager to tan their sexy bodies.  They were also eager to get some spring break cock inside their temporary snatches.   

After eighteen years, the next generation was ready to join the older girls.  Barry’s son Nick was having so much fun with her “mom” and “aunties” – she couldn’t wait for her twin cousins to be old enough to join them!

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Anne Oni Mouse said...

Alovely story, but then who would expect anything else from teh Queen of family captions.