Thursday, May 16, 2013

Something Inside Us Inspired by CANDIRU by Siproites)

Inspired by the art and storyline created by Siproites, as seen on TG Comics:
Something Inside Us

Bobby: After my freshman year in college,  my father,  a research scientist, suggested that he and I take a trip to Africa, to see the wildlife and native culture.
Marc: One evening we set camp amongst the Chebos tribe – very friendly to us – and we decided to take a dip in the river nearby to cool off and clean off.
Bobby:  Big mistake!  We were attacked by what the Chebos called Candiru – parasitic fish who attacked our naked genitalia. They – they – they changed Dad and I – into… WOMEN!  We were FEMALE!
Marc: The Candiru must have entered our penises through the meatus, and it deflated us and inverted our organs into labia and clitorises.  It also caused some hormonal redirection.  We had been completely reformed with soft long blonde hair, enormous breasts, and curvy bottoms.  We looked to be a couple of Playboy bimbos!
Bobby:  Of course, we were freaking out!  How would we explain this to family and friends?  But Dad and I were so impressed by how concerned the Chebos tribesmen were over what had happened to us!  They seemed like giants to us now that we were shorter.
Marc: And that sense of needing to be protected – and cared for – was real and overwhelming!

Britney:  We really were emotional wrecks.  That night we found out how much we had changed – and how badly we needed the Chebos to care for us!
Mary: My new daughter and I now were women with needs.  We needed to be fucked like the big titted blonde sluts we had become.  And those big black,  hard Chebos understood….
Britney:  That night, Mom and I serviced every man in the tribe.  The Chebos women, many who had been transformed by Candiru attacks, helped us learn how to dress and act as women – especially how to please all of those hard cocks and ourselves!
Mary: Brit and I did return to the states, but obviously we had new purposes in life.  We soon found ourselves the fuck toys of some rich handsome football players, who understand we have these NEEDS!


Jodie Hyde said...

Wow Nana, that's a good one. And the parasitic fish angle was very sci-fi, so of course I luv'd it!

sp2000 said...

Excellent work on this, Annabelle!

Annabelle Raven said...

Here's the crazy thing - there really is a parasitic creature called the Candiru! And they really do what they did in this story - maybe without the bimboization - without it, its very creepy :p

Thanks friends :)