Friday, May 3, 2013

Priceless... (being girls is costly, but worth it!)

Buying your first copy of a Sandy Thomas novel at the seedy bookstore - $8
Taking your mom’s lingerie to the dry cleaner to get out the stains - $11
Winning 1st prize at the costume contest with your girlfriend- $100
Paying alimony to your now ex-wife, who you freaked out by wanting to always wear her teddy –
$300 (every month)

Airfare for Junior after your ex says she “can’t handle his urges” - $400

Taking the kid shopping after your heart to heart talk - $1000 – for each of your new wardrobes
Breast forms – 36 C and 38 DD  - $75 each

The look on your dates’ faces when you made your “mother-daughter” debut…


Jodie Hyde said...

I always thought a TG story based on those commercials would be great. And leave it to you to make it better than I imagined.

Kyra Hyde said...

And every dime well spent ^_^

Annabelle Raven said...

Thanks girls!