Monday, May 27, 2013

Oh So Preeti (Lakshmi's new daughter - pun intended)

Oh So Preeti
“Doesn’t my DAUGHTER look ravishing, dear gentlemen?” Lakshmi Kapoor cooed to her new husband Rajah and his nephew Amit, both who looked upon the curvy youth and her stunning mother with unbridled lust. 

 Preeti, who was born  Praveer, had been ashamed of his father Lal had suddenly given up his male life to be the transgender consort of the family’s greatest rival.  But a trip back to Mumbai to straighten things out led to a heart to heart, and Lakshmi knew that in order to build the bonds back between parent and child, she had to win the war for her child’s soul.  

 Special herbs and daily pampering that had served Lakshmi well during her transition brought balance to Preeti.  The new girl was also exposed to femininity in a most unusual way; she was placed in a room next to her mother and stepfather and listened nightly to their lovemaking.  She eagerly awaited seeing Amit naked! 

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Anonymous said...

Mmmm i could go for some herbs and pampering ^_^ The results speak for themselves!