Thursday, May 30, 2013

Best Birthday Ever! (What gift did Barb get from her girls?)

Best Birthday Ever!
BRIAN (37): I can’t believe you boys did all of this for my birthday!  Taking me to my favorite TG salon, with sweet makeovers for ALL of us, and then going out to dinner as a family!

COLIN (16): Well, Dad, it always looked like you had fun dressing up, and we wanted to try it ourselves. 

JOHNNY (15):  We love it so much we’re going to start saving money for our wardrobes, and planning girls-only vacations, and slumber parties…

BARB: Aw, I LOVE my sweet new  DAUGHTERS!  And you’re both so pretty and natural as teenage girls!

CRISTY: Well, we look hot as you, Mom!  And now we BOTH have dates for next week’s spring fling dance!

JODI:  You should come with us to chaperone, Mom.  We’ll introduce you to our hunky teacher., Mr. Paulson.

BARB:  I feel like I’m being set up!  Well, we better go shopping!  I have my eye on a strapless black dress!  :)

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