Saturday, May 25, 2013

And This Is My Mom… (Elaine's pride, Jessica's joy)

And This Is My Mom…
“I mean, I’m happy that you’re willing to pay for me to come to the Butterfly Academy,” sighed Jessica Levine as she spoke to her dad, Erick.  “You always has supported my need to become a girl, but I do sometimes wish I had a
mom to talk to like the other girls – you know, like about boys and stuff.”  

 “I understand, sweetie,” Erick said with a unusual smirk – her dad was usually much more stoic.  “Now, I would do anything to make you happy – so long as
I felt it was something I could do.   Just like you, my former son Jerry, I too, feel like a female inside.   Would you help me become who I wish to be, much like I 
have helped you, Jessica?”  

 Jess shrieked and bear hugged the parent she loved so much!
A year later, Jess attended the Butterfly Academy’s homecoming dance, and while she danced with some cute boys, her “date” for the evening was Elaine Levine.  Both new ladies enjoyed dressing up in their silky gowns , and giggling all about the well-dressed guys.  

 Jess introduced Ellie to her friends at school by saying, “And this is my mom; isn’t she hot?”

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Kyra Hyde said...

She is hot! I'm sure she'll have lots of experience with cute guys in the future ^_^ That'll come in handy in a few years when Jess is a little hotty too ;)