Thursday, May 30, 2013

Best Birthday Ever! (What gift did Barb get from her girls?)

Best Birthday Ever!
BRIAN (37): I can’t believe you boys did all of this for my birthday!  Taking me to my favorite TG salon, with sweet makeovers for ALL of us, and then going out to dinner as a family!

COLIN (16): Well, Dad, it always looked like you had fun dressing up, and we wanted to try it ourselves. 

JOHNNY (15):  We love it so much we’re going to start saving money for our wardrobes, and planning girls-only vacations, and slumber parties…

BARB: Aw, I LOVE my sweet new  DAUGHTERS!  And you’re both so pretty and natural as teenage girls!

CRISTY: Well, we look hot as you, Mom!  And now we BOTH have dates for next week’s spring fling dance!

JODI:  You should come with us to chaperone, Mom.  We’ll introduce you to our hunky teacher., Mr. Paulson.

BARB:  I feel like I’m being set up!  Well, we better go shopping!  I have my eye on a strapless black dress!  :)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Oh So Preeti (Lakshmi's new daughter - pun intended)

Oh So Preeti
“Doesn’t my DAUGHTER look ravishing, dear gentlemen?” Lakshmi Kapoor cooed to her new husband Rajah and his nephew Amit, both who looked upon the curvy youth and her stunning mother with unbridled lust. 

 Preeti, who was born  Praveer, had been ashamed of his father Lal had suddenly given up his male life to be the transgender consort of the family’s greatest rival.  But a trip back to Mumbai to straighten things out led to a heart to heart, and Lakshmi knew that in order to build the bonds back between parent and child, she had to win the war for her child’s soul.  

 Special herbs and daily pampering that had served Lakshmi well during her transition brought balance to Preeti.  The new girl was also exposed to femininity in a most unusual way; she was placed in a room next to her mother and stepfather and listened nightly to their lovemaking.  She eagerly awaited seeing Amit naked! 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Very Hot Summer (Sabrina & Grace turn up the temps)

A Very Hot Summer  
Greg: See, I told you we’d have a lot of fun here at the water park, even if I forgot to mention the gender change once you took the shower, Dad.  I hope you don’t mind… much!

Stan:  Oh, how you conveniently thought I wouldn’t object to being turned into a boy’s wet dream??  Very sneaky, kid!

Grace: Well, you knew you’d end up wet.  But to end up in a bikini with big breasts, not to mention fully functional female genetalia and shape of body!  Damm, we’re both stacked!

Sabrina:  And how do you know it’s “fully functional” oh temporary daughter of mine?  You’re not saying that you want to try having sex as a young woman… with a guy?

Grace: Funny you should mention that… Mom!  Last summer, I came here with my friends, and I did make a hook-up as a girl.  So many incredible orgasms!  And now, it’s your turn!  Time for you to learn what it’s like – we won’t change back for a week, and I’ve lined up a double date for us .  My hookup from last year, and he’s bringing his uncle to meet my hottie of a mother.  I got us two little black dresses, heels, and sexy lingerie are waiting for us back at the hotel room. 

 Sabrina:  I should be furious with you, but I’m getting used to these things on my chest, and I feel a quiver as you make me imagine being fucked by a… a man.  Oh my gosh, I’m feeling kind of slutty here, Gracie.  A whole week as girls – whoa! 

 Grace: Maybe we can be girls all summer long, Mom! :)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

And This Is My Mom… (Elaine's pride, Jessica's joy)

And This Is My Mom…
“I mean, I’m happy that you’re willing to pay for me to come to the Butterfly Academy,” sighed Jessica Levine as she spoke to her dad, Erick.  “You always has supported my need to become a girl, but I do sometimes wish I had a
mom to talk to like the other girls – you know, like about boys and stuff.”  

 “I understand, sweetie,” Erick said with a unusual smirk – her dad was usually much more stoic.  “Now, I would do anything to make you happy – so long as
I felt it was something I could do.   Just like you, my former son Jerry, I too, feel like a female inside.   Would you help me become who I wish to be, much like I 
have helped you, Jessica?”  

 Jess shrieked and bear hugged the parent she loved so much!
A year later, Jess attended the Butterfly Academy’s homecoming dance, and while she danced with some cute boys, her “date” for the evening was Elaine Levine.  Both new ladies enjoyed dressing up in their silky gowns , and giggling all about the well-dressed guys.  

 Jess introduced Ellie to her friends at school by saying, “And this is my mom; isn’t she hot?”

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Maria’s Family (cashing in on a dream)

Maria’s Family
“Everyone smile, and make sure you show some sexy leg,” cooed Manny Sanchez to his brothers, son, and nephew as they posed for the picture above.  Manny had always enjoyed being Maria, and now that he had won the lottery, SHE was going to raise HER family HER way.  

 She didn’t force any of them to do this, but she found out that she didn’t need to.  They all loved Mami Maria, and the way they looked and felt.  They would never look back on their male past. 

 And the best part – Maria’s handsome fiancee paid for the whole photography session!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Two Cups of Joe (and Joe gets to sip Rose & Denise's "cups")

“Good morning, Joseph!  Sorry to ruin your slumber, dear.  Are you wondering who we are?  Well, we are your neighbors, Ralph Taylor and my son, Derrick.  Only she’s now my DAUGHTER, Denise, and I’m now her MOTHER, but you can call me Rose.  Yes, we seem to have been transformed into girls.  How?  Well, I know you work at the biotech lab, and you do a lot a work from your basement lab, and I think some of your work must have spilled into the water table that our houses sit over.  The same water table that we tap for our water supply.  And Denise and I have always brewed our own tea.  I guess you rarely drink anything but Red Bull and beer, Joseph?  Must be why you’re still a man.  Lucky for us.  You see, along with both of us growing big boobs, having soft skin, and pretty blonde hair, we are so damm horny – and that’s why we brought you to our house while you slept.”

“And you’re in my room now, and Mom and I aren’t leaving you alone until we have had our way with you.  And maybe if you’re really sweet, maybe we’ll brew you a cup of tea.  And then you can turn into a shemale slut like the two of us!  Now, how about some sugar, Joe?”

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Something Inside Us Inspired by CANDIRU by Siproites)

Inspired by the art and storyline created by Siproites, as seen on TG Comics:
Something Inside Us

Bobby: After my freshman year in college,  my father,  a research scientist, suggested that he and I take a trip to Africa, to see the wildlife and native culture.
Marc: One evening we set camp amongst the Chebos tribe – very friendly to us – and we decided to take a dip in the river nearby to cool off and clean off.
Bobby:  Big mistake!  We were attacked by what the Chebos called Candiru – parasitic fish who attacked our naked genitalia. They – they – they changed Dad and I – into… WOMEN!  We were FEMALE!
Marc: The Candiru must have entered our penises through the meatus, and it deflated us and inverted our organs into labia and clitorises.  It also caused some hormonal redirection.  We had been completely reformed with soft long blonde hair, enormous breasts, and curvy bottoms.  We looked to be a couple of Playboy bimbos!
Bobby:  Of course, we were freaking out!  How would we explain this to family and friends?  But Dad and I were so impressed by how concerned the Chebos tribesmen were over what had happened to us!  They seemed like giants to us now that we were shorter.
Marc: And that sense of needing to be protected – and cared for – was real and overwhelming!

Britney:  We really were emotional wrecks.  That night we found out how much we had changed – and how badly we needed the Chebos to care for us!
Mary: My new daughter and I now were women with needs.  We needed to be fucked like the big titted blonde sluts we had become.  And those big black,  hard Chebos understood….
Britney:  That night, Mom and I serviced every man in the tribe.  The Chebos women, many who had been transformed by Candiru attacks, helped us learn how to dress and act as women – especially how to please all of those hard cocks and ourselves!
Mary: Brit and I did return to the states, but obviously we had new purposes in life.  We soon found ourselves the fuck toys of some rich handsome football players, who understand we have these NEEDS!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cruise Control (Reformed, Pam & Jen rejoice on Mother's Day)

The Engle family did deserve to be knocked down a peg or two.  Young jock Johnny was a bully and would not behave.  Lawyer dad dad Paul was only interested in making money and living well.  

 After Paul “dismissed” his latest girlfriend, he found out that she came from a family of vengeance seeking warlocks.  

Paul woke up as Pamela, a lowly secretary with a lot less influence or income.  She also heard the sobbing of her daughter Jennifer, who was no longer in position to taunt anyone at school.  Rather than throw in the towel, they moved on with their lives, and found themselves thriving as females.  A deeper bond as mom and daughter made them better people.    

Both learned to balance work/school with social lives.  Soon their hearts and desires were won over by kind, attractive  men that they would have never gotten to known  in their boorish, male  pasts.  By losing it all, they gained a much improved outlook on life, love and happiness.


Pam  & Jenny seductively smile as their guys ask them to pose on the cruise ship deck.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

St Maarten in May (4 sisters and a daughter - what could be better?)

St Maarten in May
Ever since they were teens, the Jepsen brothers went “fishing” in the Carribbean every May.  Only – they were the bait!   

The magic wine they sipped always transformed the four normal guys into four hot blondes, eager to tan their sexy bodies.  They were also eager to get some spring break cock inside their temporary snatches.   

After eighteen years, the next generation was ready to join the older girls.  Barry’s son Nick was having so much fun with her “mom” and “aunties” – she couldn’t wait for her twin cousins to be old enough to join them!

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Terrific Tribute To Theresa (Trio transforms, tremendous!)

The Terrific Tribute To Theresa

It had been Theresa Simmons who had encouraged her husband Vince to dress in drag and pose as her beautiful “sister” over 40 years ago.   

And then it was Theresa and Vanessa who dressed up their son Warren as the cute Wendy when they went on vacation every summer.   

And after Warren’s wife died, they both brought Wendy back and helped her show grandson Gary how much fun his elders had as girls.   

Soon, Gretchen was following in her “mom” and “grandmom” colorful, wavy blonde high heeled footsteps. 

It’s been a month since the family lost Theresa to breast cancer; they decided to get their hair styled the way Theresa liked it best.  What a terrific tribute to their inspiration; and what a great way to catch the eyes of cute men they can flirt with!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blowing Bubbles (among other things - clean bodies begat dirty minds)

BLOWING BUBBLES (among other things)
Steve  Nichols had bought a new kind of soap at the market, and he and his son Brian were not aware of it’s special properties…

“We never used to take bathes, always showers, but this is a lot of fun – MOM,” cooed the magically feminized teen dream BRENDA…

“It is sweetie, but then again, we’ve learned there’s a lot of fun things about being girls,” giggled the sexy cougar  SARAH.  “Such as lingerie, dresses, makeup, and teasing rich men!”

Friday, May 3, 2013

Priceless... (being girls is costly, but worth it!)

Buying your first copy of a Sandy Thomas novel at the seedy bookstore - $8
Taking your mom’s lingerie to the dry cleaner to get out the stains - $11
Winning 1st prize at the costume contest with your girlfriend- $100
Paying alimony to your now ex-wife, who you freaked out by wanting to always wear her teddy –
$300 (every month)

Airfare for Junior after your ex says she “can’t handle his urges” - $400

Taking the kid shopping after your heart to heart talk - $1000 – for each of your new wardrobes
Breast forms – 36 C and 38 DD  - $75 each

The look on your dates’ faces when you made your “mother-daughter” debut…