Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Master Plan (How Saul made sure Mindy & Angela doing it right!)

The Master Plan

“I guess I only have myself to blame,” Adam Fine thought as he watched his son Michael crawl onto the lap of Adam’s lover, Saul.   

The sissified kid was like a cat in heat as she willingly interrupted Saul’s make-out session with Dad.  This of course was Saul’s master plan.  He had transformed his best friend from meek man to a busty shemale goddess he called Angela.  

 At first Adam resisted, but Angela soon came into her own as she relished Saul’s salty kisses, rough hands, and of course, his cock which was so much bigger than her clitty.   

But now Angela saw that Saul had shared her elixir with her child, and Mindy was “born.”  As Mindy’s “mom,” Angela was proud to see her daughter come into her own as a T-girl vixen, but she was little jealous of sharing her Master’s attention.  But everyone was horny enough that it all worked out, and they lived happily and sexually ever after.  

 Just the way Saul had planned it all along!


Jodie Hyde said...

Wow Nana, that's a steamy story. Makes me glad I found the time to stop by.

Annabelle Raven said...

Glad to see you here, Kitten! Luvya!