Tuesday, April 30, 2013

MOTB Tales: Meeting Her Family

MOTB Tales: Meeting Her Family
I’m a progressive guy and that even extends to my sexual appetite, but I do consider myself a red blooded hetero male.  Still, when Kaitlyn confided in me that she was born Kyle, and that she still has a penis, I had to do some soul searching.  But I love her and we are soul mates, and nobody but us and her family has to know, right?

The rehearsal dinner was great to have our families and friends meet.  My cousin Rich and Kaitlyn’s little sister Alison were definitely hooking up based on they way they leered at each other – and my boss and her mom Debbie were also enjoying each other’s company.  No problem!  

 Two weeks later, my new wife and I were cuddling after making love, and she whispered, “I should have told you that my mom used to be my dad, Doug, and my sis was born Aaron.  We all decided to not have the operation, because it’s more fun this way – don’t you agree babe?”

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