Sunday, April 28, 2013

Messin’ With Science! (and apparently, being girly is in the genes!)

Messin’ With Science!

Professor Simon Barrett had tracked his rambunctious college age twin grandsons to his genetics laboratory.

“What in the hell are you two young… men? Wait,  Kenneth?  Dennis?   You don’t what messing with those DNA compounds will do… my God, it seems to have wreaked havoc with your genetic codes.  Your bodies are changing… oh my head is spinning…”

“Oh we know what’s going on, Gramps, we do have scholarships pending to Hopkins.   That compound has turned us to girls.  Hotties, in fact,” said the new Kara Barrett with a smile.  

“Hotties with amazing bodies, sis” giggled Daisy.  And since you came in while the viral compound was still active, looks like you are already starting to change.  Guess we better call you Grandma now.  Looking pretty hot there, lady!”

Now transformed into a cougar, Simon felt wonderful in her body and knew that she wanted to explore her new hormones as badly as her granddaughters did.  After securing the compound in the bio-safe so that no further damage was done, Serena Barrett took her girls shopping for some appropriate wardrobe.   

 The trio then returned to the lab to lay in wait for some of Professor Barrett’s research assistants – that is, the handsome, virile ones!

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Jodie Hyde said...

Now that's the kind of Bio-Chem accident I would enjoy being a part of.