Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lori Leads The Way - yep, I'm back on a part time basis :)

Lori Leads The Way
Luke, 17: I was never the jock or the Casanova that my big brothers were.  I was the youngest and the smallest, and they always looked out for me.

Jake, 25: The Jepson family has always stood together, and that included supporting our baby brother when he came out as a transgender girl.

Ben, 23: Our small town is full of bigots.  We were determined to confront the name calling idiots, the holier than thou busybodies who would mock or provoke our new sister Lorianne, or any of us, her protectors, her family.

Nate, 19: It showed us who our true friends and supporters were and who wasn’t.  Two of us had our girlfriends dump us, and Jake’s future father-in-law screwed him over by running off his fiancee, and by firing Dad, his long time loyal employee, because he held these fundamentalist values.

Tim, 50: It was shocking to see the hate mail and the stares we got from the people in town.  But nobody comes between me and my kids.  And I was ready for us all to leave town and move to the next state.   That’s when my wonderful little girl, the center of all this misguided hate and abuse, came up with a pretty amazing way to show the boneheads that they aren’t worth it.

Lori:  I’m so proud to be a member of this family.  I love them, and I thought, wow, how would they like to see what  it’s like… so I a day at the salon scheduled for a little “girl time.”  They founds these awesome wigs for them…

Jodi:  You should have seen the looks we got when these five brunette bombshells strolled down Main Street.  Tops, skirts, high heels, baby!

Bonnie: Shaking our hips, our newly applied breasts all bouncy bouncy!

Nikki: Guys who didn’t recognize us were LEERING at us!  My sisters and I – and our mom – felt like we were being putting on a sexy show!

Traci: My ex-boss, he approached us, but he didn’t know what he wanted to say.  I just sweetly smiled
at him, and he just turned red!

Lori: Oh, we left those poor people in our dust.  Those fools are history to us.  Now we’ve come to the coast, and we’re starting our lives over.  What’s amazing now is that I will be looking out for my sexy big sisters and hot MILF of a mom as they learn how to be girly, and how to land the right guy!

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