Saturday, April 27, 2013

Birthday Party Compromise (A trio of beauty that will BOWL you over!)

“At first , I thought my dad was nuts.  Just because my little brother thinks he wants to be a girl, why are we all dressed up like this?  It seemed like a lame birthday gift,” confessed Matt Leone.   

“We had always gone bowling for birthday parties for the boys,” Jake Leone, dad to Matt and Reggie.
“So we compromised – all three of us went to this special salon to have girly makeovers.  And they did a great job – we looked like a cute family – a single mom and her daughters.”

“I sure did have a great time with them,” young Rachel was eager to share.  “But it was really cool to see both my big sister and Mom enjoying themselves!”  

Jessica looked at her elder daughter Molly and both had sheepish grins.  Turns out those two were having so much fun in drag, that they both had  been given phone numbers by guys who thought they were hot. 

 “I guess  I better find a boyfriend too,” giggled a innocently mischievous  Rachel.

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