Tuesday, April 30, 2013

MOTB Tales: Meeting Her Family

MOTB Tales: Meeting Her Family
I’m a progressive guy and that even extends to my sexual appetite, but I do consider myself a red blooded hetero male.  Still, when Kaitlyn confided in me that she was born Kyle, and that she still has a penis, I had to do some soul searching.  But I love her and we are soul mates, and nobody but us and her family has to know, right?

The rehearsal dinner was great to have our families and friends meet.  My cousin Rich and Kaitlyn’s little sister Alison were definitely hooking up based on they way they leered at each other – and my boss and her mom Debbie were also enjoying each other’s company.  No problem!  

 Two weeks later, my new wife and I were cuddling after making love, and she whispered, “I should have told you that my mom used to be my dad, Doug, and my sis was born Aaron.  We all decided to not have the operation, because it’s more fun this way – don’t you agree babe?”

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Messin’ With Science! (and apparently, being girly is in the genes!)

Messin’ With Science!

Professor Simon Barrett had tracked his rambunctious college age twin grandsons to his genetics laboratory.

“What in the hell are you two young… men? Wait,  Kenneth?  Dennis?   You don’t what messing with those DNA compounds will do… my God, it seems to have wreaked havoc with your genetic codes.  Your bodies are changing… oh my head is spinning…”

“Oh we know what’s going on, Gramps, we do have scholarships pending to Hopkins.   That compound has turned us to girls.  Hotties, in fact,” said the new Kara Barrett with a smile.  

“Hotties with amazing bodies, sis” giggled Daisy.  And since you came in while the viral compound was still active, looks like you are already starting to change.  Guess we better call you Grandma now.  Looking pretty hot there, lady!”

Now transformed into a cougar, Simon felt wonderful in her body and knew that she wanted to explore her new hormones as badly as her granddaughters did.  After securing the compound in the bio-safe so that no further damage was done, Serena Barrett took her girls shopping for some appropriate wardrobe.   

 The trio then returned to the lab to lay in wait for some of Professor Barrett’s research assistants – that is, the handsome, virile ones!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Birthday Party Compromise (A trio of beauty that will BOWL you over!)

“At first , I thought my dad was nuts.  Just because my little brother thinks he wants to be a girl, why are we all dressed up like this?  It seemed like a lame birthday gift,” confessed Matt Leone.   

“We had always gone bowling for birthday parties for the boys,” Jake Leone, dad to Matt and Reggie.
“So we compromised – all three of us went to this special salon to have girly makeovers.  And they did a great job – we looked like a cute family – a single mom and her daughters.”

“I sure did have a great time with them,” young Rachel was eager to share.  “But it was really cool to see both my big sister and Mom enjoying themselves!”  

Jessica looked at her elder daughter Molly and both had sheepish grins.  Turns out those two were having so much fun in drag, that they both had  been given phone numbers by guys who thought they were hot. 

 “I guess  I better find a boyfriend too,” giggled a innocently mischievous  Rachel.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Master Plan (How Saul made sure Mindy & Angela doing it right!)

The Master Plan

“I guess I only have myself to blame,” Adam Fine thought as he watched his son Michael crawl onto the lap of Adam’s lover, Saul.   

The sissified kid was like a cat in heat as she willingly interrupted Saul’s make-out session with Dad.  This of course was Saul’s master plan.  He had transformed his best friend from meek man to a busty shemale goddess he called Angela.  

 At first Adam resisted, but Angela soon came into her own as she relished Saul’s salty kisses, rough hands, and of course, his cock which was so much bigger than her clitty.   

But now Angela saw that Saul had shared her elixir with her child, and Mindy was “born.”  As Mindy’s “mom,” Angela was proud to see her daughter come into her own as a T-girl vixen, but she was little jealous of sharing her Master’s attention.  But everyone was horny enough that it all worked out, and they lived happily and sexually ever after.  

 Just the way Saul had planned it all along!

Treating Ourselves (A family that cooks together enjoys many "tastes")

"What’s more enjoyable, the sweet taste of these cookies, or the wonderful feminine feelings that they give you,” Paul Hunter said as his son John and grandson Nicholas blissfully smile.   

They already knew what these magic cookies would do to them all, and their psyches were already aligned with their changed bodies.   

“We can’t make too many cookies, Mom,” Jayne laughed as she replied to Patricia.  

 “Yea, God help us if our boyfriends had some of these treats, and then THEY changed into women,” giggled Natalie. “ I’m no lesbian, Nana!”

“Neither am I, darling.  I’m a woman – albiet a woman, like both of you, with a sweet treat buried under my outer shell,” cooed Patsy.   

The thought of being “devoured” in bed thrilled this trio of family futas like no sensation in the world! 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lori Leads The Way - yep, I'm back on a part time basis :)

Lori Leads The Way
Luke, 17: I was never the jock or the Casanova that my big brothers were.  I was the youngest and the smallest, and they always looked out for me.

Jake, 25: The Jepson family has always stood together, and that included supporting our baby brother when he came out as a transgender girl.

Ben, 23: Our small town is full of bigots.  We were determined to confront the name calling idiots, the holier than thou busybodies who would mock or provoke our new sister Lorianne, or any of us, her protectors, her family.

Nate, 19: It showed us who our true friends and supporters were and who wasn’t.  Two of us had our girlfriends dump us, and Jake’s future father-in-law screwed him over by running off his fiancee, and by firing Dad, his long time loyal employee, because he held these fundamentalist values.

Tim, 50: It was shocking to see the hate mail and the stares we got from the people in town.  But nobody comes between me and my kids.  And I was ready for us all to leave town and move to the next state.   That’s when my wonderful little girl, the center of all this misguided hate and abuse, came up with a pretty amazing way to show the boneheads that they aren’t worth it.

Lori:  I’m so proud to be a member of this family.  I love them, and I thought, wow, how would they like to see what  it’s like… so I a day at the salon scheduled for a little “girl time.”  They founds these awesome wigs for them…

Jodi:  You should have seen the looks we got when these five brunette bombshells strolled down Main Street.  Tops, skirts, high heels, baby!

Bonnie: Shaking our hips, our newly applied breasts all bouncy bouncy!

Nikki: Guys who didn’t recognize us were LEERING at us!  My sisters and I – and our mom – felt like we were being putting on a sexy show!

Traci: My ex-boss, he approached us, but he didn’t know what he wanted to say.  I just sweetly smiled
at him, and he just turned red!

Lori: Oh, we left those poor people in our dust.  Those fools are history to us.  Now we’ve come to the coast, and we’re starting our lives over.  What’s amazing now is that I will be looking out for my sexy big sisters and hot MILF of a mom as they learn how to be girly, and how to land the right guy!