Saturday, March 2, 2013

Par-T-y of Three (Jeanne leads her family to a lusty lifestyle)

Par-T-y of Three
The Ramon family – the college age Davey, his dad Mike, and the patriarch, Joe, knew that every man’s eye was on the trio, and they wanted it that way.  Old Joe had kept his secret drag queen life as Jeanne from his family, but he decided that it was too much enjoyment to keep to himself.
After retiring from the post office, he came out as Jeanne full time, and dared his progeny to accept her as she was, or she would get out of their lives. But her family loved her so much, not only did they stay together, but she gained having “Megan” and “Didi” as Jeanne’s sexy daughter and granddaughter. 

 Tonight, to celebrate, the three sexy new shemales plan on taking home a young, hung, stud to share in bed!

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