Saturday, March 9, 2013

Life In Bloom (Irene and Brittany grow with flourish and flair!)

Life In Bloom
I was always supportive of my child.  Born Brian, at age 21, she assumed the role of a woman, Brittany.  With her birth mother long out of the picture, I was the one who’s shoulder she cried on as she transitioned.  I watched in awe as Britt’s body evolved to meet her sweet soul.  Within five years, she was beautiful, had a great job, and finally had found that one special guy who knew how to make her feel like the only woman in the world.

As her life was blooming, mine was in decay.  My company folded due to the economy, and middle management jobs were snatched the younger .  The social life was not any better.  Finally, I accepted Britt’s offer to join her in warmer climes; she had gotten into real estate and said I could join her team.

But first – I had to follow the same path she did.  And while I had never given it much thought, considering how blah my life as Ike seemed to be, maybe “Irene” could be the spark I needed.
Britt herself attended to my makeover.   

“Any girl who transitioned will tell you they appreciated having a mother figure in their life.  I always had you, and now I can finally call you Mom.  I love you.” she cried  that day – we both did a lot!

“Look, flowers!  Are they from Jim?  He so wants to take you out, Mom!” cooed Britt as she handed me the bouquet that was just delivered. 

 She enjoys watching me become a beautiful lady as much as I enjoyed her transition.  We are business partners, best girlfriends, confidants, sexy babes, and mom and daughter!

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Jodie Hyde said...

That's a great story Nana. I enjoy the fact that the daughter helped her mom make a change. I also enjoy the fresh start as reasoning for doing it. Once again it's a great cap!