Sunday, March 3, 2013

How To Be A Sissy (Sandra + Brooke take an oral test)

How To Be A Sissy
You look so hot, Dad – or should I call you Sandra the slut, like Mr. Al does?” taunted Seth’s teenage son, Bryan. 

“Why don’t you call me Mom, and I’ll show you how much fun it is to be a cute girl,” Sandi cooed.  

 “I always knew you’d make a gorgeous young lady.”  “Ok, Mom, and please, call me Brooke.”
With zeal, Sandra dressed Brooke in the same tight white blouse and pattern mini skirt.  They both looked like twin sister cock sucking school girl bitches as hungrily inhaled Al’s massive tool.

Sandi enjoyed the taste of his cum as much as she appreciated the new mother-daughter bond she had with Brooke.



Jodie Hyde said...

I really luv these kinds of stories. And you do them so well. This one in particular is very hot.

Liz Nami said...

Loved your blog, honey. Would you be so kind to visit mine?
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Staci Meyers said...

Love the video on hamster Mmm how amazing