Sunday, March 10, 2013

Break Time! (Annie speaks)

This will be my 724th post on AFT, and when you add in my Yahoo days, my Tumblr blog, and various fiction submissions, well, I have had a lot of fun with my fantasy making here.  And I will continue... I'm just going to go about this with a little less activity.

  • I am taking another break after March 10, probably through the balance of the month.  I am seeking some warmth to escape the cold winter for a few weeks.
  • I have barely been participating on Rachel's Haven, in caption trading, participating in contests, greeting newbies, etc.  Almost everyone who reads and comments on this blog is there anyway, and I want to return to spend some time appreciating your wor, intimate thoughts, sexy feelings, and wicked sensations.
  • Same goes for commenting on my fave's blogs.  I have under-appreciated you! :\
  • Now, I never plan on closing this blog, or my Tumblr, and will always love my obsession with family caps, or the mother-daughter dynamic.  But I know that I have probably hit a little road bump in creativity, and that's part because my R/L is very busy and I sometimes rush through my creations.  I want to slow down, and the new postings on here may be more sporadic.  And I only want caps on here that are family based.  My RH caps may be more, um, "traditional", tranny sex romps :p  That being said, keep your eyes peeled.  I expect that I will have some occasional posts. :)
 So if you see a reduction in the activity on here, this is why.  I'm not disenchanted with captioning or TG or burdened by any outside factor, other than growing older and looking at sleep as something fun to do on vacation LOL.  A slight change in activity levels will do me and my creative juices a lot of good - I hope.  

For all your support, love, comments, and everything, I cannot thank you enough.  J'aime ma famille


Jodie Hyde said...

Have a nice vacation Nana. You will be missed while your away. I always enjoy seeing your comments on my posts. And your brand of mother/daughter TG is one of my fav things. I luv seeing new posts from you.

Take a good break, rejuvenate. Get those juices going again so you can get us all worked up when you get back.

Luv ya,

Annabelle Raven-Hyde said...

Thank you Kitten, love to see you develop your work, and luvya back. :)