Sunday, March 10, 2013

Break Time! (Annie speaks)

This will be my 724th post on AFT, and when you add in my Yahoo days, my Tumblr blog, and various fiction submissions, well, I have had a lot of fun with my fantasy making here.  And I will continue... I'm just going to go about this with a little less activity.

  • I am taking another break after March 10, probably through the balance of the month.  I am seeking some warmth to escape the cold winter for a few weeks.
  • I have barely been participating on Rachel's Haven, in caption trading, participating in contests, greeting newbies, etc.  Almost everyone who reads and comments on this blog is there anyway, and I want to return to spend some time appreciating your wor, intimate thoughts, sexy feelings, and wicked sensations.
  • Same goes for commenting on my fave's blogs.  I have under-appreciated you! :\
  • Now, I never plan on closing this blog, or my Tumblr, and will always love my obsession with family caps, or the mother-daughter dynamic.  But I know that I have probably hit a little road bump in creativity, and that's part because my R/L is very busy and I sometimes rush through my creations.  I want to slow down, and the new postings on here may be more sporadic.  And I only want caps on here that are family based.  My RH caps may be more, um, "traditional", tranny sex romps :p  That being said, keep your eyes peeled.  I expect that I will have some occasional posts. :)
 So if you see a reduction in the activity on here, this is why.  I'm not disenchanted with captioning or TG or burdened by any outside factor, other than growing older and looking at sleep as something fun to do on vacation LOL.  A slight change in activity levels will do me and my creative juices a lot of good - I hope.  

For all your support, love, comments, and everything, I cannot thank you enough.  J'aime ma famille

Lucy Has Some Explaining To Do To Ricki (But no Fred or Ethel, sorry)

Lucy Has Some 
Explaining To Do 
To Ricki

“What the fuck?  DAD??  Is that… Mr.  Cummings, my history teacher?  Holy shit!”

“Randy, what are you doing home from school so soon?”

“Wait – Randy Reynolds?  That means you’re his father, Louis Reynolds?  You both are dressed as females?”

“Yes, George.  My son and I have been experimenting with drag for about a year now.  Sine my wife died, we’ve dressed as girls and built a mother-daughter bond to help us cope with the loss.”

“But Mom, you never said that, as Lucy, you wanted to go out with a man, much less have my senior year home-room teacher do you in our kitchen?  My god, you look like such a slutty cougar!” 

“Now, Ricki, think about it.  After all, we’ve both been on these hormones for months.  Don’t deny that they are changing us.  Why do you think I went ahead and got the boob job?  I can’t stop thinking about being fucked by a real man who appreciates sexy transwomen like us.  I put an ad on this website and George answered, and I’ve been meaning to tell you.  Baby, having a hard cock in your ass-pussy is the greatest feeling ever!”

“Mom, I’m sorry.  I know what you mean.  I have had some very interesting dreams… I…  Mr. Cummings… you’re so…  BIG… and… would you…”

“Wow, it would be my honor, Ricki, to take your cherry, just like I did with your mother.”

“George, I know you were always such a great teacher.  Honey, pull down your panties, and here, stud, why don’t you suck on my brand new titties while you do her like you did me?”

“Oh, Mommy!  He’s so big, so much bigger than you and I EVER were.  I love being a slutty shemale, just like you, Mom! Fuck me hard!”

Within ten minutes, George came in Ricki, and Ricki and Lucy came all over the hardwood floor.  Now that she was the happy, sexy little homemaker, Lucy knew she’d have to clean up after their mess!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Life In Bloom (Irene and Brittany grow with flourish and flair!)

Life In Bloom
I was always supportive of my child.  Born Brian, at age 21, she assumed the role of a woman, Brittany.  With her birth mother long out of the picture, I was the one who’s shoulder she cried on as she transitioned.  I watched in awe as Britt’s body evolved to meet her sweet soul.  Within five years, she was beautiful, had a great job, and finally had found that one special guy who knew how to make her feel like the only woman in the world.

As her life was blooming, mine was in decay.  My company folded due to the economy, and middle management jobs were snatched the younger .  The social life was not any better.  Finally, I accepted Britt’s offer to join her in warmer climes; she had gotten into real estate and said I could join her team.

But first – I had to follow the same path she did.  And while I had never given it much thought, considering how blah my life as Ike seemed to be, maybe “Irene” could be the spark I needed.
Britt herself attended to my makeover.   

“Any girl who transitioned will tell you they appreciated having a mother figure in their life.  I always had you, and now I can finally call you Mom.  I love you.” she cried  that day – we both did a lot!

“Look, flowers!  Are they from Jim?  He so wants to take you out, Mom!” cooed Britt as she handed me the bouquet that was just delivered. 

 She enjoys watching me become a beautiful lady as much as I enjoyed her transition.  We are business partners, best girlfriends, confidants, sexy babes, and mom and daughter!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Surprise, Surprise! (Now what could Tiffany + Gennifer be hiding? Hmmm...)

Surprise, Surprise!
After years of failed relationships and not being able to keep up with women in bed, my pal Geoff said he would have three sexy surprises for me.
The first surprise was meeting Geoff’s sister, Gennifer.  Gen was a redheaded sex dream, what an incredible pair of tits she had and wow, she was the greatest cocksucker I ever met…

Until surprise #2…

“Meet my daughter,  Tiffany!  And you thought I was a
horny hard cock-worshiping bitch!”

And what SurpriseNumber 3?

“Wait a minute!  You figured out that I was Geoff’s son, Ted?  And
that my mom was your best friend all along?”

“Sorry to spoil your surprise, girls.  But what surprised me the most was how turned on I became once I saw the bulge in your
panties!,” I gleefully admitted.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Peeking Out (Come out, Emily + Jessica, come out...)

Peeking Out

“Um, hi, Aunt Karen.”
“Hi… sis.  Look we’re just playing here.”
Awww, but it looks so sweet.
Jerry, I know you try so hard at
being a single dad, but you do
make a beautiful young woman.”  
“Well, thanks, but that was a long
Time ago.  But Eric found your
scrapbook and he said that he would
like to try dressing, just this once.”
“Are... you mad at us, Aunt Karen?”
“Not at all, Emily.  I always thought
that my brother was happier when she
was my sister Jessica, and I think that
She could be a great mother as well.”
“Karen, I don’t know.  I mean, how…”
“Let me worry about that, little sis.  In
The meantime, go into my room and
put on that blue summer dress, it matches
both your eyes.  Emily, I have a similar one
That your Mom wore when she was your age.”
“Wow – Dad – I mean, Mommy,
we can be girls forever!”
“Anything for you, my princess!”

Sunday, March 3, 2013

How To Be A Sissy (Sandra + Brooke take an oral test)

How To Be A Sissy
You look so hot, Dad – or should I call you Sandra the slut, like Mr. Al does?” taunted Seth’s teenage son, Bryan. 

“Why don’t you call me Mom, and I’ll show you how much fun it is to be a cute girl,” Sandi cooed.  

 “I always knew you’d make a gorgeous young lady.”  “Ok, Mom, and please, call me Brooke.”
With zeal, Sandra dressed Brooke in the same tight white blouse and pattern mini skirt.  They both looked like twin sister cock sucking school girl bitches as hungrily inhaled Al’s massive tool.

Sandi enjoyed the taste of his cum as much as she appreciated the new mother-daughter bond she had with Brooke.


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Par-T-y of Three (Jeanne leads her family to a lusty lifestyle)

Par-T-y of Three
The Ramon family – the college age Davey, his dad Mike, and the patriarch, Joe, knew that every man’s eye was on the trio, and they wanted it that way.  Old Joe had kept his secret drag queen life as Jeanne from his family, but he decided that it was too much enjoyment to keep to himself.
After retiring from the post office, he came out as Jeanne full time, and dared his progeny to accept her as she was, or she would get out of their lives. But her family loved her so much, not only did they stay together, but she gained having “Megan” and “Didi” as Jeanne’s sexy daughter and granddaughter. 

 Tonight, to celebrate, the three sexy new shemales plan on taking home a young, hung, stud to share in bed!