Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wine And Chocolate (Naomi "stones" her family of sissies)

Wine And Chocolate

Naomi Washington was a highly motivated, intelligent, and efficient executive assistant; trouble is, she was often hired by arrogant execs who often made crude, sexist and even borderline comments about her and women in general.   

Her last assignment was Art Fitzsimmons, and it seemed that this was going to go the way of her prior jobs.  Rather than quit – again - and have lack of job security, Naomi decided to make the best of it.  

 One way was to get close to Art’s teen sons, Ben and Shane.  Soon, “Aunt Naomi” was like the mom they never knew, although she was far from a great role model.  She let the kids drink wine with her, and even encouraged them to try a little role-play. 
One night, Art came home from a sales meeting out of state to find his sons in dress, nylons, and makeup.  “Bailey” and “Sara” gave a stunned Art a glass of white wine and led him back to the bedroom, where Naomi had set up a makeup table and laid out a pretty frock.
Finally, I can combine my work with my fem dom passion, and be happy, thought Naomi as she finished “Amanda’s” makeover.  She and her new daughters would soon meet Naomi’s buff cousins.


Anonymous said...

I think Naomi might want to consider a change in profession ^_^

Dee Mentia said...

Yeah, I agree with Kyra. She seems to have been wasting her life working as an exec. asst.

I'm still looking for the ???? part of:

(1) feminize mem
(2) ????
(3) profit!

But I'm sure Naomi has it figured out!