Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine’s Day Card (Donna + Elaine mends their hearts)

Valentine’s Day Card

Daniel Powell shuddered when he received a pink and red card in the mail from a E. Powell.  He knew full well it was from his estranged father Ed, who he hadn't seen since he took  off for the West Coast to “find the real me.”  He slowly opened it…

I miss you so much, Danny!  Since establishing my true self
as a woman named Elaine, I have such joy in my life!  I have a great job, great friends, and a man that I love who worships me!  But I would love to hear from my child.  Here’s my email.  Love, MOM.

As the tears rolled down, Danny thought of his birth mom and her recent passing.    He also thought about his own new interest in cross-dressing  and wondered if the time was right to reconnect.  He uploaded some pictures of “Donna” after a trip to the salon, and sent a short note to email, with a phone number.  Elaine called her “daughter” that night, and years of regrets and issues melted away as the two talked and cried happy tears for many hours.

Danny gave two weeks notice to his employer, and then flew west.  Danny soon disappeared forever, as Mom spared no expense to pamper her princess.  Richard, Elaine’s hubby, loved having a daughter to dote on, and he also knew just the right guy to treat her right. 

 “It will be wonderful, darling,” Elaine cooed to Donna as Richard introduced Gary.  

 “He’s very cute Mom,” the now stunning Donna sighed.  “Thank you for sending me that Valentine’s Day card.”

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Living as Stephanie now said...

such a HAPPY ENDING or new beginning for a mom/daughter