Thursday, February 7, 2013

Try It, You’ll Like It… (Jerri sez to Eve, try new THINGS!) #FT700 #HOTWEEK

Try It, You’ll Like It…
 24 Hours ago, in the home of Jack Fleming and his son Eric

Eric: You want us to do WHAT, Dad?  Whoever heard of a magic sex-change pill anyway?

Jack: It’s the latest thing.  Try it, you’ll like it.  Get in touch with your feminine side for once. 

5 Minutes, after Brian and Thomas shot their loads
Eve: Mom, that was the most amazing feeling EVER! Mmm
Jeri: Told ya, girl…

Eve: Now, where the hell did you find those magic pills? I want to us to stay women so that we can continue to feel these orgasms!

Jeri: Not so loud, honey!  We don’t want these studs to learn our secrets.   If every guy knew that sex as women was 1000% better, we’d run out of guys to fuck us! :)
Eve: Oh no (giggle)



Anonymous said...

But we already know women have much more pleasure from sex. The prophet Tiresias tells us "Of 10 parts pleasure in sex, 9 go to the woman."

Still, they should get a move on with these tg pills so I can back up the prophets statement ;)

Jodie Hyde said...

I would like a bottle with unlimited refills please. The weekend would be so much fun with them around;)

Annabelle Raven-Hyde said...

Look, if I had that bottle of pills, I'd be too busy to blog :p

Jodie Hyde said...

Wouldn't we all Nana. If those pills were out there the TG world would crumble.

Annabelle Raven-Hyde said...

Unfortunately, this image was an amimated GIF, but I don't have the capability to put that into my image :|