Saturday, February 23, 2013

Strange? (Nancy+Jacqui don't feel weird at all!)


Is it strange that the  sexy blonde in pigtails sucking hard on the head of my cock, is my high school best buddy, Jeff?  And is even stranger that the older hottie massaging my ballsack with her tongue is Jeff’s dad, Neil – my former little league coach and mentor?

At first, I thought it was .  These guys were fun dudes and jocks.   But they had pissed off old Mrs. Manning, and over the course of a month, I watched their bodies and personalities mutate.   

Now they were the dirty bitch Jacqui and her equally horny mother, Nancy.  Aside from their cocks, the were 100% hotties.  I think their she-male status made them even more fuckable.  I didn’t consider that until after my Dad explained to me after he enjoyed a little of their   sissy-hole“strange.”   

Thanks, Dad!



Anonymous said...

Mmmh, dirty girls and already broken in by dad. Hawt caption babe.

Living as Stephanie now said...

I guess the point of the caption is not to piss-off Mrs Manning, unless you too wanna mutate into a HOT sexy shemale!! gives me something to think about?..... what house is Mrs Manning?

Anonymous said...

Introduce me to Mrs Manning, and I'll give you all the sissy strange you want ^_^