Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our Validation (Hope+Chloe dream it, then they live it!) #FT700 #HOTWEEK

Our Validation 
Tony was doing such a great job of thrusting in and out of my asshole, I could barely keep track of Chloe who riding her guy’s pole.  It was my daughter’s first time with a man, and as with any mother, I just wanted Jared to take care her sensitive body.  

 A few hours later, the boys left  and us “girls” had relocated to my bed where we slept so soundly after that marathon fucking.  In my dreams, I  was reliving our lives as Howie and Colin.  Howie was kicked out of his wife’s house to pursue his “deviant” interests – interests that my then-son unknowingly shared.   

At 18, he showed up my door step, rejecting Candice forever.  I had started to live as Hope; from that moment, I was Mom and I blessed her wish to be a pretty girl Chloe.  I shared my hormones, my wardrobe, and my guidance.  Finally, we were ourselves and a real family.  

 And then I introduced her to my man, Tony, who introduced her to his protégé, Zack.  And that  led to last night.  

 I was awoken by gentle kisses on my neck.  My baby had the most enchanting smile and brightest eyes.   

“Thank you, Mom,” she cooed.   

That’s all it took; we were now validated as women.

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Jodie Hyde said...

Excellent story Nana. I luv a good mother/daughter bonding story?