Saturday, February 2, 2013

Now SHE Understood… (Melinda opens Paige's eyes to a wonderful life)

Now SHE Understood…
16 year old Patrick  Rice looked at the pretty blonde teen in the mirror, amazed at how this was him – or her!  Patrick had been angry at his father, Marc, for “embarrassing” his son by confronting feelings of gender identity head on.  Now she lived as Melinda, and Patrick threatened to run away than accept this new “thing” he had begun. Melinda knew he might be serious, so she concocted a plan. 

In exchange for a new car on his 17th birthday, Patrick would submit
 to Mom’s makeover and live all summer as Paige.  Despite him – her self – Paige marveled at how pretty she was.  In fact, she and Melinda looked more like sisters than mother/daughter.  That summer, Paige accompanied Melinda to the mall , the salon, and soon the walls between them crumbled down as they had many a “girl-talk.”  

 Paige was amazed at how Mom was growing quite the curvy figure, and soon they were sharing hormones.    When school was back in session, Paige replaced Patrick, and now she had a cute little coupe to drive as well.  And she also had some new feelings.   

She asked Melinda, “Mom what would you think if I let a cute boy take me on a date?”  

 Melinda smiled and embraced her “little girl” and whispered, “Now you understand why being a woman is wonderful.  Say yes, and let me know, so David and I can join you on our first mom-daughter double date!  It’ll be so fun!”

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Katie Mills said...

Nice cap and wonderful image. I really enjoyed the story here..