Tuesday, February 12, 2013

MOTB Tales: Told Ya! (The education of Shelley)

MOTB Tales: Told Ya!

“Well, you were both right,” admitted Shelley Simmons.  “I was pissed at both of you over the last few years when I saw my father and older brother making themselves up as women, and going out with a group of other guys dressed up.  I thought you were acting stupid, and then I nearly lost mine when you both said you wanted to be female full time." 

"Mom, I had no idea that Jeff Simmons Sr, sacrificed her need to be Janet in order to be a good father to her boys.  That you held that in for decades makes me love you so much more.  When you found Junior had a T-girl magazine under his bed, it led to a long talk and a first time out as Janet and her daughter Jenny.  Joining that TG support group really helped you both handle your feelings about being girls, about your choice to go full time, and have the surgery.  They also guided through your sexuality, and you both find love with men who make you cry out in joy."

"And then…. (sniff) you reached out to me, poor Shawn, down in the dumps and dumped again by another girl.  Now look at me, your maid of honor sis!  And I like these lusty looks the best man  has been giving me!”

Jenny looked at Janet; they shared a wink, and turned to Shelley.   

“Told ya!” they giggled.

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