Tuesday, February 19, 2013

MOTB Tales: A Better Idea (Cassie recruits her family)

 MOTB Tales: A Better Idea
So my uncle Cameron was getting married to a MAN!  “Look, Eric, we have to be supportive of my new sister,” explained my dad, Lewis. 

 So he was prepared to escort her down the aisle, and I could be an usher.  But my Aunt Cassandra, beguiling and enchanting as now was, had a much better idea for her bro and nephew – make that sis and niece! 

“Oh look at you Emily, and look at you, Lana,” gushed Aunt Cassie as we posed together for a bridal party photo.  “You both have been such support to me as bridesmaids… and I think the bachelorette party experience was an eye opener for both of you.”  

 Mom and I grinned and blushed as we remembered those studly strippers.

But that was nothing as the best man  swept Mom off her feet.  He was our new brother-in-law’s boss, and I was dancing with his son.  Both those guys were just as endowed as the dancers we saw.  And by the end of that night, we both got to see what they looked like, up close.   

After her honeymoon, Mom and I late confided with Aunt Cassie: a big thick, cock looks great, tastes even better, but it feels the best when it’s inside of your body!


Anne Oni Mouse said...

Wonderful, one of your best

Jodie Hyde said...

Looks like the "girls" are one big happy, horny family now. I'll think they'll enjoy girl talk and shopping.

Annabelle Raven-Hyde said...

Kitten, when are you getting married? I'm so ready to go gown and lingerie shopping with you and planning your bachelorette party with the all male revue. ;)