Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Merit Badge (I'd pitch my tent with them!)


The three lads who had quit their local scout troop in protest, and their progressive father who supported their sons’ decisions – all six of them were going to shock the scout leaders at the next jamboree.  They enlisted a couple of local beauticians and a lingerie retailer, that one of the dads knew well – he and his son were already used to spending some time in pretty clothes.   

Dressed see thru black slips, leg shaping heels, and stylized wigs the three teen “hotties” and their smoking sexy “mommas” took a picture to commemorate their moment of glory.  They stormed the stage and got everyone’s attention before being escorted out of the meeting hall, but not before getting some phone #’s from some guys.


Kyra Hyde said...

I'm sure these ladies could convince the old codgers to change their minds. Or maybe they'll start a much better organization ^_^

Jodie Hyde said...

I agree with Kyra, they could do anything they wanted to. Hmmm, maybe there's a story here.