Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lead On, McDuff! (Tasha follows Arielle into "battle") #FT700 #HOTWEEK

Lead On, McDuff!
Annapolis grad Tommy McDuff returned from the Middle East to be discharged, and to join the FBI’s LA office charged with fighting organized crime on the West Coast.  His boss was ex-Marine CO Arnold McDuff… Tom’s dad.   

Arnie was perplexed as to how to infiltrate the mob’s sex trade ring based out of Las Vegas.  Female agents were needed to pose as young “actresses” who were going to forced to make hardcore porn, but none were available due to maternity leave, experience level, or fear of never seeing loved ones again.   

A radical new plan was launched with an experimental hormone – supposedly temporary – that would feminize a male agent.  Tommy figured his own dad wouldn’t order him to take this dangerous assignment.

C’mon baby girl, our targets are over there.  We need to get close so the spooks can pick up their chatter on the mics inside of our earrings!”

“Um, Ok, Da… I mean Mom,” sighed a newly femmed Tasha – aka Tom. 

She felt so conflicted as her boobs jiggled, her mincing steps made by her fuck-me heels.  Her dress was so exposing – but it seemed like a bathrobe compared to the tiny thing worn by her in field partner, and proud mother, Arielle.   

Yes sir – the old leatherneck had also taken her own injection of XLR-69, and the transformation of both father and son had been remarkable.  Why did Arnie do this? 

  Well, Arielle later admitted to Tasha that decades of boot camp machismo was a front for how she really felt inside.  She wanted to be a she-male slut, to be fucked by a shit load of hard cocks, but she was scared to do it alone.  She led her new daughter by the hand to meet the Giani family leaders, who would welcome the “girls” their own way!



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Jodie Hyde said...

How sexy! I luv it! Tasha will get over her nerves very soon;)