Saturday, February 16, 2013

It Started As a Dare (and Jamie + Doris went above + beyond...)

It Started As a Dare
Sometimes when  a red-blooded, all-American male attempts to cross-dress for a skit or a goof, a spark ignites., and that man realizes “hey I make a pretty hot lady!”

Sometimes it wakes up a dormant side of your soul.  Often times, it makes you appreciate what the “weaker” sex has going for them .  The discipline to match makeup, fashion, and function.  The ability to look “normal” while also to be stunning.  Looking like a beautiful girl without looking like a tramp, a bitch, or for better of worse, a cross-dresser. 

How does this impact your personal relationships?  Guys and girls treat each other differently on the job, or at the bar, and certainly in the romance area.

And what about that “weaker” sex?  Yes, a man can be larger and stronger physically, but a woman in touch with her romantic and sexual side can deceive the man into thinking he’s in charge, when in fact, she’s in control, and he’s riding shotgun.

So what do women talk about when it comes to guys?  Oh, lots of fun things.  Does he open the door for you?  Did he call you today?  Is he faithful?  Does he know how to make you scream in bed?

Females look to other females for advice, support, and someone to vent to.  Guys usually don’t talk about these sorts of things.  They’d rather talk about sports or that chick with the nice set of melons.

Three years ago, my name was Don Dexter, and I was a widower with a college age son named Jason.  On his dare, we cross-dressed for a “womanless” pageant, and we won a special “mom/daughter” award.  All for laughs, rights?   

But you see, the joke was on us.  It turns out that Doris and Janie (that’s us now) were far from “womanless”.  It was the other side of ourselves that we connected with from that point forward. There was no way we’d ever this tight if we did not see each other as “mom” or “daughter”.  

 All of the joys of being girls were what we now craved.  Pretty clothes – gossiping – and desiring the so-called “stronger” sex.  But how could we be now be attracted to them?  That’s great a question.   

Tell you what – our boyfriends will be picking us up in an hour for a Valentine’s Day date.  After Janie and I have our usual post-coital “girl talk”, maybe we’ll fill you in… 


Anne Oni Mouse said...

Just wanted to say that this is certainly one of the most wonderful captions that you have done. Every element is perfectly matched (as are the girl)

Jodie Hyde said...

Nice story Nana. It's kinda deep, in a emotional way. I never thought about all that stuff till now.

Annabelle Raven-Hyde said...

Thanks girls. I'm not really a deep person. My love of the work I do is rooted in a sexual/romantic/escapism fantasy so "being real" isn't where I feel I work the best, but I do love to bring humanity to this arena. I love all your support, especially you, Mis Mouse and Kitten - I feel like Jane Goodall LOL :)