Tuesday, February 5, 2013

HEY GUYS!! (Traci+Laurie, you're the BREAST!) #FT700 #HOTWEEK


Lewis Nichols had a burning desire to get revenge on his longtime rival, Jerry Sloane.  Jerry had what Lewis never did – an impressive physique, a tremendous confidence, and a happy life.  Since school days, Lew had been the butt of Jerry’s jokes.  Lew’s son Troy was a miniature version of his dad, and like Pop, he hated Jerry’s sire, the cocky Alex.

One day, the Sloanes heard “Hey guys!  C’mere studs!”, turned, and saw two very busty, very blonde , and very flirty chicks calling for them.  Aroused, Jerry & Alex came over.

The one in the black mini dress spoke,  “I’m now Laurie Nichols and this is my baby, Traci.  We’re tired of being dumpy guys, and this magic website helped us change into girls.  We decided that we both needed big, strong men to make us happy.  Did we mention BIG?” she giggled as both bimbos emphasized their chests, then pressed their curvy bodies to father and son.  Their painted hands began to paw at the crotches of their conquests.

“Mom,” squeaked Traci, They both are pretty big, but I heard that the Malone boys are packing 12 inches each.”
“Oh sorry, Jerry, I guess we’ll see you around,” cooed Laurie as they walked away, having finally trumped their tormentors.


sp2000 said...

Great work on this caption.

Raven Whitewood said...

I love it when bullies get what they deserve :) wonderful caption.

Jodie Hyde said...

Now that's what ya call revenge served cold

Annabelle Raven-Hyde said...

Thanks to all the "new" girls leaving comments on the blog - love it! :)

Anonymous said...

Revenge ala cock teasing. Fantastic!