Sunday, February 17, 2013

Are You Experienced? (Let our girls keep track of that!)

Are You Experienced?

Dave (18): Dad, you have to kidding.  You’re saying that these two hot girls and their pretty mother, are actually neighbors and best friends?
Sam (41): Crazy to believe, huh son?  Well, the one of the left is my fishing buddy, who you know as Mr. Adam Sweeney, but for tonight, she’s my date, Ms. Allison.  The one of the right is your brother’s basketball teammate, Josh, but right now, she’s Randy’s date, Julie.  And the young lady making her debut tonight as a girl is Victoria Sweeney.  As you may have guessed, Vicki grew up as Vance Sweeney, your school chum.

Randy (20): So what do you think squirt?  All of those days riding skateboards and playing video games with Vance, you never knew that there was a hot chick inside of him waiting to bust out.  Julie and I started this whole “best friend to girlfriend” situation when I caught her dressing in her then girlfriends panties.  One night with me made her go girly for good.  And how many times have we made love since then, babe?

Julie (20): Seven times, and it gets better each time, stud.  (giggle).  And not long after we were caught by Mr. Dave, we convinced him that he could seduce my then-father into being his soul-mate.  Right Mom?

Allison (40): That’s right, honey.  And the fact that I secretly lusted for Sam since we were kids was my catalyst for my new life.  That was just two weeks ago, and we’ve had sex four times since then.  And now, we get to pass on this wonderful feminine feeling to the birthday girl, Miss Victoria.

Vicki (18): Thanks, Mom, sis.  So, Dave… guess who’s gonna be my first?


Jodie Hyde said...

Wow, talk about friends with benefits;)

Annabelle Raven-Hyde said...

Well said Kitten. ;)