Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wine And Chocolate (Naomi "stones" her family of sissies)

Wine And Chocolate

Naomi Washington was a highly motivated, intelligent, and efficient executive assistant; trouble is, she was often hired by arrogant execs who often made crude, sexist and even borderline comments about her and women in general.   

Her last assignment was Art Fitzsimmons, and it seemed that this was going to go the way of her prior jobs.  Rather than quit – again - and have lack of job security, Naomi decided to make the best of it.  

 One way was to get close to Art’s teen sons, Ben and Shane.  Soon, “Aunt Naomi” was like the mom they never knew, although she was far from a great role model.  She let the kids drink wine with her, and even encouraged them to try a little role-play. 
One night, Art came home from a sales meeting out of state to find his sons in dress, nylons, and makeup.  “Bailey” and “Sara” gave a stunned Art a glass of white wine and led him back to the bedroom, where Naomi had set up a makeup table and laid out a pretty frock.
Finally, I can combine my work with my fem dom passion, and be happy, thought Naomi as she finished “Amanda’s” makeover.  She and her new daughters would soon meet Naomi’s buff cousins.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Merit Badge (I'd pitch my tent with them!)


The three lads who had quit their local scout troop in protest, and their progressive father who supported their sons’ decisions – all six of them were going to shock the scout leaders at the next jamboree.  They enlisted a couple of local beauticians and a lingerie retailer, that one of the dads knew well – he and his son were already used to spending some time in pretty clothes.   

Dressed see thru black slips, leg shaping heels, and stylized wigs the three teen “hotties” and their smoking sexy “mommas” took a picture to commemorate their moment of glory.  They stormed the stage and got everyone’s attention before being escorted out of the meeting hall, but not before getting some phone #’s from some guys.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Knowing What You Want (and Danica wants what Kristin gives her)

Knowing What You Want
“Penny for your thoughts, Champ,” Kurt Sanders whispered , using the nickname he had given his athletic son Darrell, which made the young man with the new bikini body giggle so girlishly.  

 “Well, DAD, I’ve never had a gay thought in my life,” Darrell cooed, “But right now, I want to see that lifeguard walking toward me, naked, coming to take me away!”

“Good choice, honey,” Kurt replied.  “And that is not at all a gay thought.  It’s what a woman wants.  A man to look at her, to call her beautiful,to  possess her, and to make love to her.  The female orgasm  is somuch more incredible than the male.  That’s why I gave you that
not  so little “gift.”  You’re 18 now, Danica.   And you are a fully functional  female with desires and needs.  Enjoy this feeling.”

“Is this why you gave me that magic elixir, Mom?” Danica asked.  “You want me to be just like you –a horny blonde babe?”

“That’s part of the reason I tricked you,” the man now know as Kristin Sanders admitted.  “But now, I was no longer your father, I was your mother.  And I was afraid that we would not be able to relate with my change of sex.  But I also knew that you would enjoy the change and embrace the sexuality of your change.  You caught Alan and I fucking in my bedroom, and I saw the look of amazement in your eyes.  So tonight, my lover will  seduce you and take your cherry.  You’ll never look back, I promise you love.”  

 Danica smiled at her mother and grinned, “Aww, Mom, thanks!  I can’t wait for a real cock to be inside me!”


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Strange? (Nancy+Jacqui don't feel weird at all!)


Is it strange that the  sexy blonde in pigtails sucking hard on the head of my cock, is my high school best buddy, Jeff?  And is even stranger that the older hottie massaging my ballsack with her tongue is Jeff’s dad, Neil – my former little league coach and mentor?

At first, I thought it was .  These guys were fun dudes and jocks.   But they had pissed off old Mrs. Manning, and over the course of a month, I watched their bodies and personalities mutate.   

Now they were the dirty bitch Jacqui and her equally horny mother, Nancy.  Aside from their cocks, the were 100% hotties.  I think their she-male status made them even more fuckable.  I didn’t consider that until after my Dad explained to me after he enjoyed a little of their   sissy-hole“strange.”   

Thanks, Dad!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spring Break From Tradition (Ten perfect tens)


 The five guys had been best friends since college, and this annual vacation trip with their sons always  came in early March – an escape from winter.  But this year, they were going to have
an escape from masculinity…

One of the boys had snagged a strange shiny object from the bay.  The youngsters changed first, freaking out their dads.  But eventually, the new moms had a lot of fun with their girls. 

A: Julie (Joe) and daughter Brittany (Billy)  B: Diane (Dave) and daughter Kellie (Keith) C: Michelle (Marty) and daughter  Samantha (Sean)  D: Elizabeth (Elliott) and daughter Victoria (Vance)  E: Anne (Adam) and daughter  Natalie (Nicholas)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

MOTB Tales: A Better Idea (Cassie recruits her family)

 MOTB Tales: A Better Idea
So my uncle Cameron was getting married to a MAN!  “Look, Eric, we have to be supportive of my new sister,” explained my dad, Lewis. 

 So he was prepared to escort her down the aisle, and I could be an usher.  But my Aunt Cassandra, beguiling and enchanting as now was, had a much better idea for her bro and nephew – make that sis and niece! 

“Oh look at you Emily, and look at you, Lana,” gushed Aunt Cassie as we posed together for a bridal party photo.  “You both have been such support to me as bridesmaids… and I think the bachelorette party experience was an eye opener for both of you.”  

 Mom and I grinned and blushed as we remembered those studly strippers.

But that was nothing as the best man  swept Mom off her feet.  He was our new brother-in-law’s boss, and I was dancing with his son.  Both those guys were just as endowed as the dancers we saw.  And by the end of that night, we both got to see what they looked like, up close.   

After her honeymoon, Mom and I late confided with Aunt Cassie: a big thick, cock looks great, tastes even better, but it feels the best when it’s inside of your body!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Tumblr Bone-Us: Cynthia & Cougars redux

This may look familiar - it is!  Cynthia and the Cougars was a series of caps related to my proposed Tranny Bunch arc. But I put a slighty revised, extra sexy and erotic spin on it, with additional hot pix, in this tale of a tarty ginger T-girl and the influence she unwittingly has on her elders.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Are You Experienced? (Let our girls keep track of that!)

Are You Experienced?

Dave (18): Dad, you have to kidding.  You’re saying that these two hot girls and their pretty mother, are actually neighbors and best friends?
Sam (41): Crazy to believe, huh son?  Well, the one of the left is my fishing buddy, who you know as Mr. Adam Sweeney, but for tonight, she’s my date, Ms. Allison.  The one of the right is your brother’s basketball teammate, Josh, but right now, she’s Randy’s date, Julie.  And the young lady making her debut tonight as a girl is Victoria Sweeney.  As you may have guessed, Vicki grew up as Vance Sweeney, your school chum.

Randy (20): So what do you think squirt?  All of those days riding skateboards and playing video games with Vance, you never knew that there was a hot chick inside of him waiting to bust out.  Julie and I started this whole “best friend to girlfriend” situation when I caught her dressing in her then girlfriends panties.  One night with me made her go girly for good.  And how many times have we made love since then, babe?

Julie (20): Seven times, and it gets better each time, stud.  (giggle).  And not long after we were caught by Mr. Dave, we convinced him that he could seduce my then-father into being his soul-mate.  Right Mom?

Allison (40): That’s right, honey.  And the fact that I secretly lusted for Sam since we were kids was my catalyst for my new life.  That was just two weeks ago, and we’ve had sex four times since then.  And now, we get to pass on this wonderful feminine feeling to the birthday girl, Miss Victoria.

Vicki (18): Thanks, Mom, sis.  So, Dave… guess who’s gonna be my first?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

It Started As a Dare (and Jamie + Doris went above + beyond...)

It Started As a Dare
Sometimes when  a red-blooded, all-American male attempts to cross-dress for a skit or a goof, a spark ignites., and that man realizes “hey I make a pretty hot lady!”

Sometimes it wakes up a dormant side of your soul.  Often times, it makes you appreciate what the “weaker” sex has going for them .  The discipline to match makeup, fashion, and function.  The ability to look “normal” while also to be stunning.  Looking like a beautiful girl without looking like a tramp, a bitch, or for better of worse, a cross-dresser. 

How does this impact your personal relationships?  Guys and girls treat each other differently on the job, or at the bar, and certainly in the romance area.

And what about that “weaker” sex?  Yes, a man can be larger and stronger physically, but a woman in touch with her romantic and sexual side can deceive the man into thinking he’s in charge, when in fact, she’s in control, and he’s riding shotgun.

So what do women talk about when it comes to guys?  Oh, lots of fun things.  Does he open the door for you?  Did he call you today?  Is he faithful?  Does he know how to make you scream in bed?

Females look to other females for advice, support, and someone to vent to.  Guys usually don’t talk about these sorts of things.  They’d rather talk about sports or that chick with the nice set of melons.

Three years ago, my name was Don Dexter, and I was a widower with a college age son named Jason.  On his dare, we cross-dressed for a “womanless” pageant, and we won a special “mom/daughter” award.  All for laughs, rights?   

But you see, the joke was on us.  It turns out that Doris and Janie (that’s us now) were far from “womanless”.  It was the other side of ourselves that we connected with from that point forward. There was no way we’d ever this tight if we did not see each other as “mom” or “daughter”.  

 All of the joys of being girls were what we now craved.  Pretty clothes – gossiping – and desiring the so-called “stronger” sex.  But how could we be now be attracted to them?  That’s great a question.   

Tell you what – our boyfriends will be picking us up in an hour for a Valentine’s Day date.  After Janie and I have our usual post-coital “girl talk”, maybe we’ll fill you in… 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine’s Day Card (Donna + Elaine mends their hearts)

Valentine’s Day Card

Daniel Powell shuddered when he received a pink and red card in the mail from a E. Powell.  He knew full well it was from his estranged father Ed, who he hadn't seen since he took  off for the West Coast to “find the real me.”  He slowly opened it…

I miss you so much, Danny!  Since establishing my true self
as a woman named Elaine, I have such joy in my life!  I have a great job, great friends, and a man that I love who worships me!  But I would love to hear from my child.  Here’s my email.  Love, MOM.

As the tears rolled down, Danny thought of his birth mom and her recent passing.    He also thought about his own new interest in cross-dressing  and wondered if the time was right to reconnect.  He uploaded some pictures of “Donna” after a trip to the salon, and sent a short note to email, with a phone number.  Elaine called her “daughter” that night, and years of regrets and issues melted away as the two talked and cried happy tears for many hours.

Danny gave two weeks notice to his employer, and then flew west.  Danny soon disappeared forever, as Mom spared no expense to pamper her princess.  Richard, Elaine’s hubby, loved having a daughter to dote on, and he also knew just the right guy to treat her right. 

 “It will be wonderful, darling,” Elaine cooed to Donna as Richard introduced Gary.  

 “He’s very cute Mom,” the now stunning Donna sighed.  “Thank you for sending me that Valentine’s Day card.”

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

MOTB Tales: Told Ya! (The education of Shelley)

MOTB Tales: Told Ya!

“Well, you were both right,” admitted Shelley Simmons.  “I was pissed at both of you over the last few years when I saw my father and older brother making themselves up as women, and going out with a group of other guys dressed up.  I thought you were acting stupid, and then I nearly lost mine when you both said you wanted to be female full time." 

"Mom, I had no idea that Jeff Simmons Sr, sacrificed her need to be Janet in order to be a good father to her boys.  That you held that in for decades makes me love you so much more.  When you found Junior had a T-girl magazine under his bed, it led to a long talk and a first time out as Janet and her daughter Jenny.  Joining that TG support group really helped you both handle your feelings about being girls, about your choice to go full time, and have the surgery.  They also guided through your sexuality, and you both find love with men who make you cry out in joy."

"And then…. (sniff) you reached out to me, poor Shawn, down in the dumps and dumped again by another girl.  Now look at me, your maid of honor sis!  And I like these lusty looks the best man  has been giving me!”

Jenny looked at Janet; they shared a wink, and turned to Shelley.   

“Told ya!” they giggled.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our Validation (Hope+Chloe dream it, then they live it!) #FT700 #HOTWEEK

Our Validation 
Tony was doing such a great job of thrusting in and out of my asshole, I could barely keep track of Chloe who riding her guy’s pole.  It was my daughter’s first time with a man, and as with any mother, I just wanted Jared to take care her sensitive body.  

 A few hours later, the boys left  and us “girls” had relocated to my bed where we slept so soundly after that marathon fucking.  In my dreams, I  was reliving our lives as Howie and Colin.  Howie was kicked out of his wife’s house to pursue his “deviant” interests – interests that my then-son unknowingly shared.   

At 18, he showed up my door step, rejecting Candice forever.  I had started to live as Hope; from that moment, I was Mom and I blessed her wish to be a pretty girl Chloe.  I shared my hormones, my wardrobe, and my guidance.  Finally, we were ourselves and a real family.  

 And then I introduced her to my man, Tony, who introduced her to his protégé, Zack.  And that  led to last night.  

 I was awoken by gentle kisses on my neck.  My baby had the most enchanting smile and brightest eyes.   

“Thank you, Mom,” she cooed.   

That’s all it took; we were now validated as women.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lead On, McDuff! (Tasha follows Arielle into "battle") #FT700 #HOTWEEK

Lead On, McDuff!
Annapolis grad Tommy McDuff returned from the Middle East to be discharged, and to join the FBI’s LA office charged with fighting organized crime on the West Coast.  His boss was ex-Marine CO Arnold McDuff… Tom’s dad.   

Arnie was perplexed as to how to infiltrate the mob’s sex trade ring based out of Las Vegas.  Female agents were needed to pose as young “actresses” who were going to forced to make hardcore porn, but none were available due to maternity leave, experience level, or fear of never seeing loved ones again.   

A radical new plan was launched with an experimental hormone – supposedly temporary – that would feminize a male agent.  Tommy figured his own dad wouldn’t order him to take this dangerous assignment.

C’mon baby girl, our targets are over there.  We need to get close so the spooks can pick up their chatter on the mics inside of our earrings!”

“Um, Ok, Da… I mean Mom,” sighed a newly femmed Tasha – aka Tom. 

She felt so conflicted as her boobs jiggled, her mincing steps made by her fuck-me heels.  Her dress was so exposing – but it seemed like a bathrobe compared to the tiny thing worn by her in field partner, and proud mother, Arielle.   

Yes sir – the old leatherneck had also taken her own injection of XLR-69, and the transformation of both father and son had been remarkable.  Why did Arnie do this? 

  Well, Arielle later admitted to Tasha that decades of boot camp machismo was a front for how she really felt inside.  She wanted to be a she-male slut, to be fucked by a shit load of hard cocks, but she was scared to do it alone.  She led her new daughter by the hand to meet the Giani family leaders, who would welcome the “girls” their own way!



Thursday, February 7, 2013

Try It, You’ll Like It… (Jerri sez to Eve, try new THINGS!) #FT700 #HOTWEEK

Try It, You’ll Like It…
 24 Hours ago, in the home of Jack Fleming and his son Eric

Eric: You want us to do WHAT, Dad?  Whoever heard of a magic sex-change pill anyway?

Jack: It’s the latest thing.  Try it, you’ll like it.  Get in touch with your feminine side for once. 

5 Minutes, after Brian and Thomas shot their loads
Eve: Mom, that was the most amazing feeling EVER! Mmm
Jeri: Told ya, girl…

Eve: Now, where the hell did you find those magic pills? I want to us to stay women so that we can continue to feel these orgasms!

Jeri: Not so loud, honey!  We don’t want these studs to learn our secrets.   If every guy knew that sex as women was 1000% better, we’d run out of guys to fuck us! :)
Eve: Oh no (giggle)