Saturday, January 5, 2013

The New Princess (Gretechen is crowned by Jeanne)

The New Princess
Certain members of my family may have abandoned me long ago for renouncing my male identity, but not my dear grandchild Gregory.  

 “Grandpa Joel, I’m a pretty girl, too, just like you.  Please show me how to be beautiful like you.”

Of course I would help her.  I would do what any grandmother would do… 

“What do you think, Gretchen?” I asked with a great big bright smile on my painted lips.

“Oh, Grandma Jeanne, I feel like a fairy princess. I love our tiaras and ball gowns.  And soon, your hormones will give me the same full curves that you have had for years.  This is such… such a turn on!”

“I know, darling.  And if you think that’s making your panties tent, wait until the  masquerade ball tonight!  When my boyfriend’s nephew takes you in his arms and whispers sweet nothings in your ears.  I cannot wait for you to follow in my high-heeled footsteps to being seduced by a virile lover!”


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Anne Oni Mouse said...

Very sweet story. Thank goodness they didn't manage to drive Jeanne away so that she was still there when Gretchen needed her.