Thursday, January 3, 2013

Rebirth Day Gift (Prudence gives to Chastity)

Rebirth Day Gift
What the hell kind of birthday gift is this?    
Christopher Patton could only shake his head, now adorned with a curly black wig, as he looked over his feminized body.  He was shaven, pantied, heeled, and made up to be a drag performer named Chastity, and dressed in VS lingerie, she did not appear to be very chaste.   

Neither did her MOM Prudence, who a few hours ago was Paul, the father of Chris, celebrating his 50th.  Paul had grand plans for the rest of his life, wanting only to be the woman she felt she needed to be.  Prudence knew her DAUGHTER well enough to know that she was born to be a T-girl sex kitten, like her mom.   

The several well endowed men in the club that night were there to initiate the ladies, and what a party it was.  The next day found Chas and Pru shopping for both everyday wardrobe and even more hot lingerie!


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