Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rational Decision (For Jillian + Natasha, it's easy being well, easy)

Rational Decision
Jason and Nicholas Griffin had to make a difficult decision.  Do they attempt to return to their prior lives as father and son, on the run from the evil men who wish to see them dead?  Or do they continue to pose as women – mother Jillian and daughter Natasha?
Let’s listen in to their private conversation…

“See… I told you, honey.  Once you feel him cum in your ass, the female hormones kick in, and you have the most incredible orgasm ever.”   

“Oh my God, Mom, I felt like I was exploding all over!  Who knew that sex as girls was so…”

“Fucking wonderful?  To think that we thought that we’d be dying to get our male lives back!”

“As if!  Not when we have these awesome tits, and those sexy clothes.  That reminds me, we better get back to the bungalow and get ready to hit the clubs.  We need hard cock tonight!”

“The only question is… will we have our own personal stud muffin, or maybe share a man?”

A month later, the agent assigned to Jill and Nattie learned first hand how interested they were in staying the way they were.  And he didn’t show up back at HQ for about three days.  Lucky bastard…


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Kyra Hyde said...

Ooh! Sign me up for witness protection! ^_^