Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Proper Dress Required (Lorraine + Melissa go to work)

Proper Dress Required
Every employee of Jenkins & Jenkins, CPA, was a woman, except for the owner, Lon Jenkins, and the VP of audits, his son Mickey.  Lon was old school and insisted that his ladies wear dresses, heels, and full makeup.  It was a constant gripe, as the boss and his heir apparent got away all the time with golf shirts, jeans, and not even bothering to shave.  With revenues dropped, a sly accounting firm consultant, Vera, met with the twosome.  

 “This firm will lose all of its best clients, and best talent due to low morale.  You both need a few lessons in looking the part and in treating your staff with respect. Or your firm will not survive this economy!”

Last May (they had to wait past April 15) Lon and Mickey took a month off to attend a mastery conference on management, marketing, and human resources.  They realized the error of their lax behavior, and planned to make some radical changes.

Last summer, Jenkins & Jenkins updated their website to include bio and pictures of Lorraine and Melissa.  Now presenting themselves as mother and daughter, they are now a happy all-woman staff, and they also landed some exciting new clients.  They also now had a new problem:  these former boring CPAs now are two gorgeous girls.  For once, Valentine’s Day will be date night, not a day to finish the W-2s.  

 I wonder if you can write off heels as a business expense?

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Jodie Hyde said...

I love this one. And you bet ya can right off those heels. If the job requires them they are a business expense. That's pretty much all I remember from my Econ class. :)